Chef Biography

Harald Fargel, started his culinary career after school, as an apprentice at the famous Hotel Sacher in Vienna in 1971.  In 1975, as a commis chef at the hotel, he won the gold medal at WIKA.  Shortly thereafter, in 1978, he joined the Compagnie Internationale de Wagons-Lits as chef and in 1984, joined E. Oldendorff Shipping cruise lines.  In 1985, he became the head chef at Schnbrunner Stckl, in Vienna.  In 1986 through 1988, he was involved with the Culinary Vienna Festival at the Tokai University Club in Tokyo, and the Europalia Festival in Brussels.

In 1990, Chef Fargel was hired by Hans Figlmüller as executive chef at Restaurant Figlmüller in Vienna.  In the fall of 1997, Great Chefs television arrived to produce two television series: Great Chefs of Austria for ORF Television of Austria, and Great Chefs of the World for the Discovery Channel.  Chef Harald prepared the largest Wiener Schnitzel this television crew had ever seen (see photo).

In 2006, Chef Harald Fargel was elected President of the Association of Austrian Chefs.


Poppy Seed Crêpes

Serving: 8 Print Poppy Seed Crêpes By Great Chefs October 18, 2015 Thin crêpes are rolled up with poppy seed filling, layered in a baking dish, topped with a sour cream mixture, and baked. Hot out of the oven, they are sliced and served with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar and a scoop of stewed […]

Ox Snout Salad

Serving: 4 Print Ox Snout Salad By Great Chefs October 8, 2015 This dish from Figlmüller’s menu is a typical Styrian appetizer, combining processed meat and greens. Pickled ox snout has a texture similar to head cheese, and is made by dry-pickling the meat from an ox snout for 9 days in salt, then cooking […]

Figlmüller Schnitzel with Four Potato Salads

Serving: 4 Print Figlmüller Schnitzel with Four Potato Salads By Great Chefs October 7, 2015 Restaurant Figlmüller’s signature schnitzel is always larger than the plate that holds it. The real secret lies in pounding the schnitzel very very thin, then searing quickly in very hot oil, and frying a second time in slightly cooler oil […]

Restaurant Information

Address: Austria, Wollzeile 5, 1010 Wien, Austria
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