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Jean-Michel Lorain has received numerous honors throughout his career in recognition of his know-how in terms of fine cuisine.  In 1993, Gault-Millau proclaimed him Chef of the Year, awarding his cuisine the highest mark:  19.5.  In the interest of putting the spotlight on his team and their hard work, day by day, to create a true business, Jean-Michel Lorain does not place himself at center stage, even willingly admitting to a certain distrust of awards and the pitfalls of renown in the media.  Respect and hard work will always be the basis, the unique feature, of the Lorain “trademark” . . .

His love of gastronomy is inherited:  literally raised around fine cuisine, in the shadow of his grandmother and his parents, Michel and Jacqueline Lorain, he watched, admiringly, their every move.  This has been passed down from one generation to another, and gastronomic cuisine quickly became a family specialty.

Jean-Michel Lorain burnished his shield through apprenticeships with the great masters, including Troisgros, Girardet and at The Taillevent restaurant.  When he returned to his father’s side at La Côte Saint Jacques in 1983, he was ready to take an active part in developing the family business, and in gaining international acclaim for the Lorain family’s know-how and its cuisine, far beyond the horizons of Burgundy.

The twin team of Michel and Jean-Michel Lorain works like a charm:  in 1986, they are awarded a third star in the Michelin guide, and Gault-Millau bestows on Jean-Michel the highly prized title of Chef of the Year!  The family business attains exceptional heights and its reputation, from that point on, has grown constantly.

GREAT CHEFS filmed four dishes prepared by Jean-Michel Lorain at La Cote St. Jacques for their GREAT CHEFS OF THE WORLD series in 1998.

In 2001, Jean-Michel Lorain takes over the reins of the house alone, and decides to set up the restaurant space on the river bank in order to offer his customers greater comfort.  This ambitious plan would be crowned with success!


Duck Foie Gras Carpaccio

Print Duck Foie Gras Carpaccio By Great Chefs March 11, 2014 While this dish is the essence of simplicity, it requires meticulous care in preparation. The thin layer of salt and vinegar under the foie gras and the salt dusted over it “cook” the raw foie gras right on the plate. The salt and vinegar […]

Suckling Veal Chop

Print Suckling Veal Chop By Great Chefs March 11, 2014 This elegant dish begins with the largest, finest veal chops you can find. The chops are seared, then roasted; the sauce begins with the roasted pan juices. The veal slices are served on a bed of truffled Jerusalem artichokes with pea purée and pea garnish, […]

Turbot in Salt Crust

Serving: 4 Print Turbot in Salt Crust By Great Chefs March 11, 2014 Absolutely elegant, moist turbot is sauced with a leek-cream sauce scented with bitter almond, and garnished with peppers, onions, and peas. Toasted almonds crown the fish. The fish is cooked in a salt crust and arrives at the table still in the […]

Scallops and Chanterelles with Endive

Serving: 4 Print Scallops and Chanterelles with Endive By Great Chefs March 11, 2014 Jumbo sea scallops are seared and served on mushroom caps. The mushroom stems become a ragout in the centers of the plates; mushroom juice and truffle juice are enriched with butter to sauce the dish. Frothed milk, cocoa powder, and bright […]

Restaurant Information

Phone : +33 3 86 62 09 70

Address : 14 Faubourg de Paris, 89300 Joigny, France

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