Chef Biography

Chef Pablo Massey was mentored as a very young chef by Francis Mallmann, known as the Julia Child of Argentina, back in the 1970’s & 80’s for nine years. He traveled through Canada, Ireland, Spain, and Singapore before landing in Italy and France, working under Great Chef Emile Tabourdie at Le Bristol in Paris, and Emile Yung in Strasbourg at Le Crocodile.

He had just opened Massey in Buenos Aires when Great Chefs filmed him for three dishes in late 1999 and early 2000.  In 2003, Pablo was invited to work under Great Chef Michel Roux at the River Café in London.  In 2010, he returned to Argentina to open La Panadería de Pablo, and now in 2015 is preparing to open his latest restaurant, “Uruguay”, in downtown Buenos Aires.


Grilled Buffalo Provolone with Marinated Tomatoes and Fennel Salad

Serving: 4 Print Grilled Buffalo Provolone with Marinated Tomatoes and Fennel Salad By Great Chefs October 18, 2015 The flavors of tomatoes, fennel, pesto, and provolone are delicious together. The secret to this dish is in the way you fry the cheese: it should be soft and creamy inside, browned on the outside. Watch it […]

Surubi with Basmati Rice

Serving: 4 Print Surubi with Basmati Rice By Great Chefs October 12, 2015 Basmati rice and fava beans accompany fillets of surubi. They are accented with eggplant curry and sun-dried tomatoes. Surubi is an Amazonian fish with no fins. It has a leathery skin, and is very fatty — the darker the skin, the fattier, […]


Serving: 8 Print Octopus By Great Chefs October 9, 2015 Deep golden brown pan-broiled octopus tentacles are served atop a mound of seasoned couscous and drizzled with an unusual pesto made with arugula and walnuts instead of the expected basil and pine nuts. Ingredients Marinade Olive Oil – 2 cups Jalapeno – 1, peeled, seeded, […]

Salmon in Spices

Serving: 4 Print Salmon in Spices By Great Chefs October 8, 2015 Salmon with its skin removed is seared on a bed of mixed seeds and served with steamed rice. The skin reappears as a garnish, crisp-fried and glazed with the soy-based sauce. Ingredients Salmon pieces – four, 5 – 6 ounce Black and white […]

Prosciutto-wrapped Rabbit

Serving: 2 Print Prosciutto-wrapped Rabbit By Great Chefs October 7, 2015 Chef Massey creates a pocket in the top of each rabbit leg by removing the upper bone, then stuffs the pocket with herbed butter. The stuffed legs are wrapped in prosciutto and browned before roasting. He serves the rabbit with roasted vegetables. Ingredients Unsalted […]

Restaurant Information

Phone :+54 11 4331-6728
Address : Defensa 269, 1014 CABA, Argentina

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