Chef Biography

Persian born Anoosh Shariat began his culinary career at the young age of 14 while attending high school in West Germany. Although engineering was his chosen field, cooking became his passion. He worked his way through many kitchens in Switzerland and Germany, learning the European techniques. When he moved to Dallas in the late 1970s, his exposure to southwestern and Mexican cuisine furthered his culinary knowledge, and he helped open the Highland Park Café. In 1988, he moved to Louisville as executive chef of Remington’s, where he made a name for himself utilizing his diverse knowledge of European, Middle East and Southwestern cuisine.

In 1993, he opened Shariat’s Restaurant to rave reviews. In 1996, the Great Chefs television crew showed up to tape Chef Anoosh at Shariat’s for the Discovery Channel’s Great Chefs of America series.

Chef Shariat closed his restaurant in 2003 to take a break for 10 years and work as an executive chef and operating manager for SoHo Catering, as well as Brownings Restaurant & Brewery, and MEZ, before getting back as chef/owner of Anoosh Bistro in 2013, where he remains today in 2016.


Cardamom Cake with Saffron Ice Cream

Serving: 8 Print Cardamom Cake with Saffron Ice Cream By Great Chefs November 10, 2015 Chef Anoosh Shariat manages to slip some distinctly Asian flavors into a very western dessert — cake and ice cream. His cake includes cardamom, rose water, and yogurt; the ice cream is saffron-flavored (and colored!) with pistachios. Rather than ice […]

Herb-crusted Red Snapper with Pine Nut-Herb Sauce

Serving: 4 Print Herb-crusted Red Snapper with Pine Nut-Herb Sauce By Great Chefs November 10, 2015 Pine nut sauce, laced with herbs and wine, finishes this dish, with the seared snapper crowning aromatic vegetables. The choice of turnips, green asparagus tips, and purple asparagus tips provides both color and lots of flavor. Ingredients Sauce Pine […]

Portobello Napoleon

Serving: 6 Print Portobello Napoleon By Great Chefs September 28, 2015 A delicious vegetable dish, this napoleon layers spinach, squash, and red bell peppers with portobello slices, instead of the cream filling and pastry of traditional napoleons. Grilling the mushrooms and peppers adds flavor, although they can also be broiled. Ingredients Portobello Mushrooms – 6, […]

Restaurant Information

Address: 4864 Brownsboro Rd, Louisville, KY 40207
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