Chef Biography

Born in January 1977, in Bruck, a Province of Styria, Austria, Barbara Illmaier always had a sweet tooth and made her apprentice as a pastry cook in Grossveitsch as well as confectioner at the Cafe Schein in Styria.  Following her apprenticeship, she went to work directly for Chef Heinz Reitbauer at the Steirereck/Wirthaus Pagusch.

Great Chefs television showed up in May of 1998 to tape her Warm Day & Night pudding for their Great Chefs of Austria series for the ORF network in Vienna.


Warm Day and Night Pudding

Serving: 12 Print Warm Day and Night Pudding By Great Chefs October 13, 2015 Barbara Illmaier’s wonderful puddings should win a stuffed fuzzy teddy bear for “best comfort food.” Rich vanilla pudding comes to the table in the mason jars in which it was cooked in a warm water bath. Accompaniments are a ramekin of […]

Restaurant Information

Address: Am Heumarkt 2A, 1030 Wien, Austria
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