Chef Biography

Bruce LeFavour was born in 1935 in Amsterdam, New York and never set out to be a chef. With one semester remaining to earn his degree at Dartmouth College, he left to join the Army, expecting fully to return after his tour of duty.  The Army assigned him to France, where he learned about fine food and he never looked back. He back-packed through Europe and moved to France where he settled for three years.

In 1961 he flew to Aspen, Colorado for a friend’s wedding with intentions of returning to France. Instead he fell in love with the mountains, decided to write a novel, got married, and he and his wife had a daughter, Cree.  The novel didn’t sell, so in 1965 he opened the Paragon, which thrived with Chef LeFavour cooking his version of what would become known as Nouvelle Cuisine.  In 1975, the chef-novelist became bored and moved to Robinson Bar Ranch north of Sun Valley, Idaho, to make a guest ranch and restaurant.

In 1981, he moved to Napa Valley and with Carolyn Rose, opened Rose et LeFavour in St. Helena, California, fulfilling his dream to cook where the best raw ingredients abound. The critics called Chef LeFavour a thinking man’s chef, describing him as a sensual and intellectual cook. In 1982, the Great Chefs television crew showed up at Rose et LeFavour to tape him for their PBS series, Great Chefs of San Francisco.

The partnership dissolved in early 1986, and Chef LeFavour was becoming more interested in Asian cuisine, so he changed the name of the restaurant to Rose et LeFavour Café Oriental, which he described as light French with an Oriental twist.  In 1987, he sold the lease and retired.


Bombay Madness

Serving: 4 Print Bombay Madness By Great Chefs November 17, 2015 “I thought of an Englishman in India,” Bruce Le Favour says in tracing the origin of his recipe for Bombay Madness. “He’s almost delirious from the heat and dreaming of England’s coolness. The recipe’s a blending of those Eastern and Western influences, of hot […]

Vegetable Soup

Serving: 4 Print Vegetable Soup By Great Chefs November 16, 2015 Beyond gazpacho, this refreshing appetizer distills the essence of fresh vegetables into a jellied stock which is served atop blanched vegetable garnish. A sprinkling of herbs and edible flowers completes the presentation. Chef Le Favour emphasizes that any mixture of 4 or 5 chilled […]

Salmon with Asparagus Sauce

Serving: 4 Print Salmon with Asparagus Sauce By Great Chefs November 16, 2015 The essence of spring, this dish is also the essence of simplicity. Fresh asparagus is cooked down and turned into a sauce with butter and cream. Butter-sauteed salmon just kissed by heat is served with the sauce. This dish depends on the […]

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