Christian Golles, like many youngsters in Austria, started first in the kitchen of a restaurant, then a culinary school after basic education, and finally, a one-year apprenticeship in several restaurants. He rose through the kitchen ranks under the mentorship of various Great Chefs.

In 1995, Chef Golles was offered the position of sous chef at the Palais Schwarzenberg in Vienna, Austria, under Great Chef Christian Petz.  In 1997, the Great Chefs television team taped him at the Palais for Austria’s ORF-TV’s Great Chefs of Austria series, and the Discovery
Channel’s Great Chefs of the World Series (episodes 213 and 259).


Saddle of Venison

Serving: 4 Print Saddle of Venison By Great Chefs October 19, 2015 Venison steaks, scented with thyme and rosemary, are served with butter-fried slip noodles. Chef Christian Golles’ entree includes two hard-to-find items for U.S. Cooks — birdberries, and black walnut slices. Both add sharp, bitter notes to the dish. Birdberries are soaked in water […]

Sweet Cheese Quenelles with Stewed Plums and Port Wine Sorbet

Serving: 4 Print Sweet Cheese Quenelles with Stewed Plums and Port Wine Sorbet By Great Chefs October 14, 2015 Traditional Austrian dumplings are transformed into quenelles coated with butter-browned crumbs and served on a bed of stewed plums. Port wine sorbet is a lovely accompaniment, although vanilla ice cream would also be delicious. Ingredients Port […]

Terrine of Summer Vegetables and Guinea Fowl

Serving: Makes 1 terrine; 8 slices Print Terrine of Summer Vegetables and Guinea Fowl By Great Chefs October 10, 2015 Layers of colorful vegetables and ivory guinea fowl meat give a jeweled look to slices of cold terrine. Extra flavor is added by oven-drying the tomatoes, grilling the vegetable slices, and cooking the guinea fowl […]

Address: 1030 Vienna, Austria

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