Chef Biography

Franz Girbl attended culinary school in Salzburg, Austria, then apprenticed at the Hotel Trois Couronne in Vevey, Switzerland.  Working his way up the culinary ladder, he went to Oslo, Norway to work as chef de partie at the Restaurant Dronningen, then down to Johannesburg, South Africa at the Hotel Tollmann’s Tower.  Later, while still in Africa, he was appointed as sous chef in the Casino Hotel in Swaziland.  He then took another job as sous chef at the Hotel La Toc in the Caribbean’s island of St Lucia.

In the late 1970s, Holiday Inn hired him as executive chef for their property in Hong Kong, later moving him to Penang, Malaysia as executive chef. In 1981, he returned to Salzburg, Austria as executive chef and commercial director for the Hotel Schloss Monchstein, and his restaurant, Paris-London.  In 1998, the Great Chefs television crew arrived in Salzburg to tape Chef Franz Girbl at his restaurant for Discovery Channel’s Great Chefs of the World television series, and for Austria’s ORF-TV, Great Chefs of Austria series.


Sesame Prawns on Ginger butter with Wild rice Risotto and Fennel

Print Sesame Prawns on Ginger butter with Wild rice Risotto and Fennel By Great Chefs April 21, 2016 Ingredients king (tiger) prawns – 12 Salt Pepper Paprika Cinnamon Cloves Toasted black and white sesame seeds Sesame Oil Lemon Juice Soy Sauce Olive oil Ginger Butter Creamed Butter Garlic Ginger Salt and Pepper Worcestershire Tobasco Brandy […]

Mocha Mousse Torte with Wild Berries

Serving: Makes one 12-inch torte Print Mocha Mousse Torte with Wild Berries By Great Chefs October 16, 2015 This lovely torte is made from layers of chocolate sponge cake and mocha mousse, with a liberal sprinkling of Tia Maria and a touch of rum. Chef Girbl makes his own mold by placing a large (12 […]

Goose Liver Terrine on Rosehip Sauce

Serving: 12 Print Goose Liver Terrine on Rosehip Sauce By Great Chefs October 14, 2015 Start at least 3 days ahead: there are several 12-hour periods of soaking, marinating, and resting in the preparation of this terrine. The process is not difficult; it just takes time. Once the terrine has been cooked, it rests for […]

Restaurant Information

Address: Mönchsberg Park 26, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
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