Chef Biography

Helmut Lengauer was born in 1961 in Scheibbs, Austria.  Following school in 1976, he went to train in Baden, and apprenticed from 1978-1983 in Gostling and Neuhofen, receiving his certificate as pastry chef in 1983. In 1984 he worked at Blaschke in Traiskirchen before moving to Vienna.

In 1985, he was invited to work as Demi Chef at the world famous Hotel Sacher.  Later that year he was elevated to Pastry Chef.  In October 1997, the Great Chefs television crew was allowed into the Sacher kitchen to tape Chef Lengauer for their Great Chefs of the World television series for the Discovery Channel (episodes # 215, 222 and 231).

Chef Lengauer is one of the few pastry chefs entrusted with the secret recipe of the world famous Sacher Torte.  He remains there today, in 2016.


Sacher Parfait with Strawberries

Serving: 6 Print Sacher Parfait with Strawberries By Great Chefs October 19, 2015 Sweet frozen parfaits flavored with a little chocolate, nougat, and brandy are served with fresh strawberries. Nougat is available from baker’s supply stores; it is a creamy candy made of caramelized sugar and nuts. The parfaits may be frozen in tall ramekins […]

Molded Riesling Cream with Poached Apples

Serving: 8 Print Molded Riesling Cream with Poached Apples By Great Chefs October 18, 2015 Lovely molded wine creams are served with a fan of apple slices poached in wine, cinnamon, and clove. While any poached seasonal fruit could be served with the creams—in the photo sent by the restaurant, strawberry slices garnish the dish—the […]

Farmer’s Cheese Dumplings with Stewed Apricots

Serving: 4 Print Farmer’s Cheese Dumplings with Stewed Apricots By Great Chefs October 10, 2015 Plump dumplings are filled with rum-laced cheese filling and rolled in buttered crumbs. They are served with a simple apricot compote. There are many variations on the theme of sweet cheese pancakes, dumplings, and quenelles in Austria, usually accompanied by […]

Restaurant Information

Address: Philharmoniker Str. 4, 1010 Wien, Austria
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