Chef Biography

Jeff Walters was born in Charlotte, Michigan in 1961.  Following school, he moved to Hawaii and attended  the Hawaii Hotel & Restaurant Training Trust.  Following graduation, he apprenticed at both the Hyatt Regency Waikiki and the Hilton Hawaiian Village under Great Chef Gale O’Malley.

In 1985 he was appointed executive pastry chef at the exclusive Halekulani Hotel on Waikiki Beach.  Ten years later, the Great Chefs television crew taped Chef Walters at the Halekulani for the Discovery Channel’s Great Chefs – Great Cities series and their Great Chefs of Hawaii series.

In 1998 he followed his former boss, Great Chef George Marvothalassitis, to his new restaurant in downtown Honolulu, Chef Marvro’s where he remains today in 2016.


Lemon Cream Cappuccino

Serving: 6 Print Lemon Cream Cappuccino By Great Chefs November 4, 2015 It helps to have a cool kitchen and cool hands when you create chocolate pieces like these little cups. Once you have mastered them, the cups can be used to hold a variety of fillings. Here they are used to present coffee-flavored sabayon […]

Floating Island

Serving: 6 Print Floating Island By Great Chefs September 24, 2015 The spun sugar crowns are so ethereal, this dessert might be called Floating Clouds. The spun sugar puffs are the most challenging part of the dessert, and can be done ahead of time — or deleted, if you wish to simplify. The compounds listed […]

Big Island Vintage Chocolate Surprise

Serving: 4 Print Big Island Vintage Chocolate Surprise By Great Chefs September 23, 2015 These beautiful chocolate tortes spill warm ganache when pierced by a fork at the table. Carefully seal the ganache in the center of the mold before baking so that it stays intact until the proper moment. Ingredients Ganache Bittersweet Chocolate – […]

Warm Pineapple Tart with Coconut Sauce

Serving: 4 Print Warm Pineapple Tart with Coconut Sauce By Great Chefs September 21, 2015 A spiral of pineapple wedges turns into a flowerlike tart when the wedges are stacked against one another as they are applied. The tips of the pineapple pieces caramelize slightly as the tart is broiled. Ingredients Coconut Sauce Granulated Sugar […]

Chilled White Nougat with Candied Fruit and Guava Coulis

Serving: 8 Print Chilled White Nougat with Candied Fruit and Guava Coulis By Great Chefs September 21, 2015 A cool dessert of molded nougat flavored with candied fruit, sliced almonds, and crushed nougatine, with a crunchy nougatine garnish. The guava coulis adds color and flavor. Ingredients Crushed Nougatine Almonds – 1 cup, slivered, toasted Light […]

Restaurant Information

Address: 1969 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96826
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