Chef Biography

JJ Stith was born in Laurenceville, Virginia, 70 miles south of Richmond. As soon as it was possible, she moved to San Francisco and because she always liked to cook pastry, she attended and graduated from the California Culinary Academy.  After apprenticing she began to work her way up the kitchen ladder at Splendido’s and Alain Rondelli’s, both in San Francisco. She then went to work for Great Chef Bradley Ogden at One Market Restaurant.

In 1998, Great Chef Michael Mina and the Bellagio Resort and Hotel made her an offer to be the pastry chef at their Aqua Restaurant inside the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  Later that year, Great Chefs was taping several chefs at the Resort and taped Chef JJ for their Great Chefs of America television series, to be aired later on the Discovery Channel.


Blood Orange Risotto

Serving: 8 Print Blood Orange Risotto By Great Chefs October 5, 2015 Molds of risotto spiced with cinnamon, orange, and vanilla are served with brightly colored sauce and tuiles. Blood orange segments cap the molds. Blood oranges add sizzling color to this creamy dessert. Yes, you may use other oranges — but you’ll miss the […]

Grand Marnier Crème Caramel

Serving: 6 Print Grand Marnier Crème Caramel By Great Chefs October 5, 2015 Creamy Grand Marnier Crème Caramels are garnished with candied orange segments and dots of Grand Marnier sauce and basil sauce. The basil sauce and chiffonade are an unusual but refreshing note for this orange-based dessert. Ingredients Amaranth Nougatine Popping amaranth – 1/2 […]

Milk Chocolate-Banana Cake with Gianduja Sorbet

Serving: 8 Print Milk Chocolate-Banana Cake with Gianduja Sorbet By Great Chefs October 5, 2015 This elegant dessert combines two favorite flavors, chocolate and banana, in an unusual way. It includes striped chocolate panels, chocolate caramel lattice, chocolate sorbet, mint sauce, and decorated plates. But it is important to note that it all really begins […]

Bosc Pear Financier

Serving: 4 Print Bosc Pear Financier By Great Chefs September 30, 2015 Unusual flavors combine in a very pretty dessert. Pears poached with a touch of grenadine are baked into almond-flavored cakes. They are served with pear chips and Meyer lemon ice cream, accented by basil and huckleberry sauces. Because of the precision of measured […]

Berry Brioche with Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream

Serving: 10 Print Berry Brioche with Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream By Great Chefs September 28, 2015 Pretty tarts are made from brioche filled with a mixture of fresh berries. The tarts are served with homemade Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream — Tahitian vanilla is very aromatic — but may be served with excellent-quality purchased ice cream […]

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