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Kevin Boxx grew up in Ellsinore, Missouri, in a household filled with smells of baking bread and traditional southern dishes.  His grandmother was a baker and his father was a chef. Kevin began his career pursuing an engineering and math degree until his infatuation with baking wooed him out of the classroom and into the kitchen.

Prior to culinary school, he did his externship at the Ritz-Carlton hotels in Amelia Island, Florida and San Francisco. Upon his graduation from the New England Culinary Institute in 1993, he rejoined the pastry team at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island as pastry chef and head baker.  While there, the Great Chefs crew visited Chef Boxx to tape him for their Great Chefs of America television series.  He prepared one dish for episode 105.  In 1997, while he was the executive pastry chef at the Ritz-Carlton on St Thomas USVI, Great Chefs television returned and filmed him again for their Great Chefs of the Caribbean series.

Chef Boxx left the Ritz-Carlton group in 1998 to try his hand at smaller facilities, including the Lodge at Vail in 2002, the Kimpton Palomar Hotel in Arlington, Virginia in 2012, and the American Embassy Recreation Association in Santiago, Chile in 2014.

Chef Boxx is currently the executive sous chef and pastry chef at Golf and Country Club in Tampa, Florida.


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