Chef Biography

Lucien Verge was born and raised in Lyon, France and was influenced by his mother’s penchant for cooking.  His training was in the grand tradition.  After four years at La Mère Filloux in Lyon at age 16, he moved to the kitchens of Paris’ finest hotels, The Crillion and the Hôtel Plaza Athénée.  In 1956 he moved to New York City as a chef at La Veau D’Or, the first French provincial restaurant in that city.

In 1965, Chef Verge moved to Chicago and in 1968, he opened his first L’Escargot Restaurant, which was Chicago’s first French provincial restaurant.  It was destroyed by fire in 1979, and in 1980 Chef Verge opened a second L’Escargot in the Allerton Hotel on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.  In January of 1985, on the coldest day Chicago had ever seen, the Great Chefs television crew showed up to tape Chef Lucien in his newly remodeled, original L’Escargot Restaurant, for PBS’s Great Chefs of Chicago television series.  Even the kitchen was cold!

Seven months later, in July 1985, and just two months before his first television appearance on Great Chefs of Chicago was to occur, Chef Lucien Verge passed away.


Medallions of Venison with Truffled Potatoes

Serving: 6 to 8 Print Medallions of Venison with Truffled Potatoes By Great Chefs November 15, 2015 Rich herbed red wine sauce accents venison medallions which have been marinated overnight. They are served with fried truffled potato puffs, an accompaniment which could also be served with other main dishes. If you prefer, you may change […]

Dessert in All Simplicity

Serving: 4 Print Dessert in All Simplicity By Great Chefs November 15, 2015 Two pretty tarts are offered on each dessert plate, one filled with fruit, one with chestnut filling and chocolate ganache. The pastry shells can be made a day ahead; the tarts can be assembled before dinner. Ingredients Pastry Flour – 3/4 plus […]

Pear Crèpes

Serving: 4 Print Pear Crèpes By Great Chefs November 15, 2015 Poached pears are folded into crèpes and dusted with almonds and confectioner’s sugar. The final step is to pour pear brandy over the crèpes and flame it; if you are not at ease with this step, opt for serving them with their dusting of […]

Snail Torte, Country Style

Serving: 6 Print Snail Torte, Country Style By Great Chefs November 15, 2015 A rich egg custard is baked inside a tart shell which already contains sauteed snails, ham, and leeks. The tart is cleverly prepared with a tube you roll out of foil inserted in the center; when the shell is partially baked, the […]

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