Chef Biography

Michael Maddox developed his interest in food while growing up in central Illinois. His education took him around the world working in fine dining French restaurants, eventually ending up as sous chef at Le Titi de Paris in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Great Chefs was taping its owner Pierre Pollin in 1994 for their Great Chefs – Great Cities television series for the Discovery Channel, and chef Pollin suggested that they tape Chef Michael for the dessert, which appeared in episode # 51.

In 2004, Chef Maddox bought the restaurant from Chef Pollin, which he and his wife Susan ran until June 16, 2012. Chef Maddox now teaches at the College of Du Page Culinary Arts School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.


Skyscraper with Figs and Chocolate Roof

Serving: 6 Print Skyscraper with Figs and Chocolate Roof By Great Chefs November 9, 2015 You will think you deserve a construction degree after finishing this creation. Phyllo tubes are used to hold up triangular chocolate roof; melted milk chocolate serves as the “cement.” A caramel nest caps the construction. Just before it is placed […]

Almond Tuile with Passion Fruit Custard and Caramelized Banana

Serving: 4 Print Almond Tuile with Passion Fruit Custard and Caramelized Banana By Great Chefs September 24, 2015 This elaborate dessert features towers of tuiles and passion fruit custard and a tuile horn set on decorated plates and crowned with spun sugar. But at heart the dessert is made with almond tuile cookies, stacked with […]

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