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Roland Huet was born in Blois, in France’s Loire Valley.  He went into the kitchen when he was six years old, and fell in love.  After school, and apprenticing in restaurant kitchens, he finally made it to Paris and in the 1960’s began working in Michelin three-star restaurants,  first at Drouant, and finally at Lucas Carton.

After 25 years of cooking in France, he accepted an offer as executive chef from a customer in Paris, who was originally from New Orleans, and was going back to run the family restaurant in New Orleans. The customer turned out to be Chris Ansel, and the restaurant was one of the oldest restaurants in New Orleans, Galatoire’s. So in 1969, both Chris Ansel and Chef Huet flew to New Orleans.  In 1971, Ansel and Huet decided that the family was not going to allow them to make any changes, so they opened their own restaurant in the suburb of Metairie, and called it Christian’s.

After two years, they decided they had to get back to the city of New Orleans and in 1973, bought a church on Canal Street and converted it into Christian’s Restaurant off of Canal Street and the streetcar line.  Seven years later in 1980, the Great Chefs television crew showed up to tape Chef Roland Huet for their first television series, Great Chefs of New Orleans I.  They later taped him for the second Great Chefs of New Orleans series.

Both Chris Ansel and Chef Roland Huet, retired in the late 90’s and sold out to another partner.  Then the restaurant was semi-destroyed in 2005 with Hurricane Katrina, never to reopen again as Christian’s Restaurant.


French-fried Eggplant

Serving: 4 Print French-fried Eggplant By Great Chefs November 16, 2015 One dish, two serving suggestions: crisp eggplant strips, fried with bread crumb coating, are usually served as a side dish, seasoned with salt and pepper. For a bright new idea, dust them lightly with confectioner’s sugar and serve them as an appetizer! Ingredients Eggplant […]

Smoked Redfish

Serving: 4 Print Smoked Redfish By Great Chefs November 16, 2015 Louisiana redfish — or any firm-fleshed white fish — is poached in wine and served with a simple wine-butter sauce filled with shrimp and oysters. The extra kick: the fish is smoked before it is poached. This simple and elegant dish begins early in […]

Oysters Roland

Serving: 10 Print Oysters Roland By Great Chefs November 16, 2015 Oysters poached in their own sweet salty juices are broiled with a topping of mushrooms, garlic, parsley, and breadcrumbs. Ingredients Fresh mushrooms – 3/4 pound Garlic Cloves – 2 Parsley – 1 bunch Unsalted Butter – 2 cups, softened Breadcrumbs – 1 cup Nutmeg […]

Baked Alaska

Serving: 12 Print Baked Alaska By Great Chefs November 16, 2015 Baked Alaska is a legendary dessert; if you had it as a child, you probably remember where and when. Layers of rum-soaked cake and ice cream are covered with a mound of meringue and browned, so the dessert is at once hot and cold. […]

Chicken Blackberry Vinegar

Serving: 4 Print Chicken Blackberry Vinegar By Great Chefs November 15, 2015 It is amazing that just a tiny number of ingredients can add up to such wonderful flavor. The chicken is pan-sauteed in butter (with a little oil to help keep the butter from burning), and the pan juices are stirred up with blackberry […]

Profiteroles au Chocolat

Serving: 8 Print Profiteroles au Chocolat By Great Chefs November 15, 2015 Cream puffs are filled with rich vanilla ice cream and served with hot chocolate sauce. Roland Huet has retired, but the popularity of this dessert lives on at Christian’s, where it is one of the most popular items on the menu. The wonderful […]

Mousseline of Redfish Nantua

Serving: 4 Print Mousseline of Redfish Nantua By Great Chefs November 15, 2015 “Nantua” always means crayfish — crawfish, in Louisiana. These delicate mousseline fish molds are napped in creamy Sauce Nantua and surrounded by crawfish tails. Adjust the heat in this dish with the amount of cayenne. Taste, taste, taste. Ingredients Fresh Redfish – […]

Oyster Chowder

Serving: 4 Print Oyster Chowder By Great Chefs November 14, 2015 This creamy chowder is packed with oyster bits and potatoes. The flavor comes from the “holy trinity” of bell peppers, celery, and onion, with garlic and thyme for good measure. Ingredients Green Peppers – 1/2, chopped Celery Stalk – 1, chopped Yellow Onion – […]

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