Chef Biography

Serge Bottelli was born in Bienne, Switzerland in 1957 to a Swiss/French mother and an Italian father.  Following his formal education in Switzerland, he apprenticed at the Hotel Intercontinental in Bienne, and then from 1975 to 1979, began working up the kitchen ladder in Swiss hotels in Zermatt, the Grand Zermatterhof Hotel and Hotel Alex.

In 1979, he accepted the position as sous chef of II Chanti Restaurant at the Botanical Gardens in Bermuda. In 1983, it became Tavern on the Green with new owners, the MEF, who promoted him to executive chef.  In 1991, Chef Serge and the MEF Group opened the Lido Restaurant at the Elbow Beach Hotel.  Between 1994 and 1997, he served as the President of the Bermuda Chefs Association.

In 1997, Chef Bottelli and the MEF Group opened La Coquille Restaurant at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute.  In 1999, the Great Chefs television team showed up to tape Chef Bottelli for their Great Chefs of the World television series for the Discovery Channel.

Today, in 2016, Chef Serge Bottelli is still executive chef for the MEF Group and Rosewood’s, Tucker’s Point Resort in Bermuda.


Lightly-smoked Lamb Loin

Serving: 8 Print Lightly-smoked Lamb Loin By Great Chefs October 15, 2015 Top-of-the-stove smoking imparts a lightly smoked taste to the lamb, which is served with a basket filled with fresh salad greens dressed with warm raspberry dressing. The basket is made of Parmesan cheese, and, once mastered, the cheese baskets can be used with […]

Lobster and Morel Mushrooms

Serving: 4 Print Lobster and Morel Mushrooms By Great Chefs October 13, 2015 A crepe pouch filled with lobster meat and morels rests on a saffron risotto cake surrounded by a sauce flavored with Cognac, Pernod, and tomatoes. Lobster medallions and more morels garnish the plate. Save extra crepes by cooling them completely, stacking them […]

Passion Fruit Pancake Soufflé

Serving: 8 Print Passion Fruit Pancake Soufflé By Great Chefs October 13, 2015 Crepes are wrapped around a light filling flavored with passion fruit and baked until the filling soufflés. The crepes are served with raspberry and passion fruit puree and a garnish of fresh fruit. Passion fruit concentrate, or puree, can be found in […]

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