Chef Biography

Chef Tamara Murphy was working in several New York City restaurants when she realized that Seattle and the Northwest offered some unique opportunities with its bounty of fresh ingredients.  In 1988, she decided to move to Seattle as the sous chef at Dominique’s.

Two years later in 1990, she was offered the executive chef position at Campagne near the Pike Place Market in Seattle, and three years later opened a second restaurant, Café Campagne. In 1994, the Great Chefs television crew taped her at Campagne for the Discovery Channel’s Great Chefs – Great Cities series.  

In 1999, she partnered with Bryan Hill to open her own restaurant, Brasa, in Belltown.  In 2008, she took the helm of Elliott Bay Café, and in 2012, opened her long awaited Terra Plata that reflects the concept of “earth to plate” and where Chef Murphy now calls home.


Crispy Potato and Sweetbread Napoleon with Mushroom Coulis

Serving: 2 Print Crispy Potato and Sweetbread Napoleon with Mushroom Coulis By Great Chefs November 4, 2015 Silky sweetbreads are layered with crisp potato rectangles and crisp fried arugula leaves. The mushroom coulis is the perfect foil for this earthy dish. All components of the dish may be done ahead of time and reheated at […]

Provençal Fish Soup

Serving: 4 to 6 Print Provençal Fish Soup By Great Chefs September 25, 2015 A beautiful fish soup, built upon fresh fish stock (fumet), includes several fish, shellfish, and fresh vegetables. The key to the success of this dish, as with all such fish soups, is in the selection of the seafood. Decide at the […]

Restaurant Information

Address: 1501 Melrose Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
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