Chef Biography

Chef Kytka was the pastry chef for the Fitzwilliam Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, when the Great Chefs television crew showed up to tape Great Chef Conrad Gallagher in the Peacock Alley Restaurant.  Chef Gallagher did not want to prepare a dessert and suggested we use Chef Kytka.  Since the process of picking chefs for the Great Chefs show primarily comes from the chef’s peers, Chef Kytka was taped preparing a rice pudding with sorbet and peaches (episode 205 of the Great Chefs of the World series).


Rice Pudding with Sorbet and Peaches

Serving: 4 Print Rice Pudding with Sorbet and Peaches By Great Chefs October 16, 2015 Tart shells are filled with creamy rice and serve as a base for sliced peaches which are glazed in the oven. The tarts are served with peach sorbet. The sugar garnishes are a pretty touch, but optional. Ingredients Sorbet Water […]

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