1 Hour DVD Specials

1 Hour DVD Specials
Great Chefs Summer Cooking

Great Chefs Summer Cooking 3 Disc Set

3 DVDs.

1 Hour DVD Specials
Great Chefs – The Women
$11.99 $9.99

Women, long the “cooks” in society, have made the move into the professional kitchen as chefs. Great Chefs visits some of the most acclaimed in their own restaurant kitchens: Susan Spicer (Bayona/New Orleans), Debra Ponzek (Montrachet/New York), Elka Gilmore (Elka/San Francisco); Jody Adams (Michela’s/Boston), Lynne Aronson (Lola/New York), Zarela Martinez (Zarela/New York), Gale Gand (Trio/Chicago), and Emily Luchetti (Stars/San Francisco). 1 hour.