Great Chefs of the World Collection




54 Discs / 465 Chefs / 84 Cities / 25 Countries

80 Hours of 480 Dishes & Recipes

ONLY      $499.99   


With the COMPLETE Great Chefs of the World DVD Set  you receive ALL 160 total Episodes (01-160) in a packaged set of 54 Total DVDS.

From Budapest to Hong Kong, all the world loves fine food, and the dishes conjured by the world’s chefs are of stunning variety.

Travel with Great Chefs to see techniques used by chefs in Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. The sharing of culinary ideas between cultures, and the availability of once-exotic ingredients, has created exciting new flavors on every continent. Great Chefs ranges the world to catch national specialties and international cuisine.

Catch the adventure of a whole world of fine cuisine as classic techniques meet intriguing ingredients and Great Chefs. Roger Vergé, Claude Troisgros, Rudolf Kellner, Guillermo Rodriguez, Neil McFadden, Kálmán Kalla, and many great others share their kitchens with you.

Taped on location.

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