Great Chefs of San Francisco




California’s fertile land and the waters of the Pacific Ocean yield an abundance of ingredients for San Francisco’s chefs. Local wines, fish, and produce are but a few of the products available. This bounty is matched by a diversity of cooking styles and international cuisines that provide an enriching interchange
of ideas and cooking methods.

As you watch the chefs at work and read through their recipes, you will sense their infatuation with food. Their love of cooking is evident in the subtlety of their movements, in their sensual pleasure while handling the food, and in their continuing efforts to perfect their art.

One note regarding the recipes: The number of servings and the preparation time are listed for each dish. Certain recipes also include the phrase note elapsed time. This indicates that advance preparation is needed. Always read the entire recipe before planning your dinner.

GREAT CHEFS OF SAN FRAN CISCO represents thirteen master cooking classes featuring outstanding chefs from the San Francisco Bay Area. Each program includes the preparation and presentation of a complete menu, including the chef’s wine preference. The series was designed both to instruct the home cook in a wide range of cooking techniques and to provide the rare opportunity to observe working chefs practicing their art in their own kitchens. GREAT CHEFS OF SAN FRANCISCO brings to television for the first time the genius and artistry of San Francisco’s cuisine.

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