Chef Biography

Alain was born in 1956 at La Guerche-de-Bretagne, France, the son of musicians (yes, he still plays the saxophone).

He began his career in 1971 working under such chefs as Breton Michel Kerever, Gaston Boyer, and Great Chef Alain Senderens.  In 1980 he received two Michelin stars at the age of 26 at the Duc d’Enghien at Enghein’s Casino and another two stars at the Carlton of Brussels in 1984.

In October 1986 he opened his own restaurant, L’Arpege, and ten years later received three Michelin stars. In 2000 the Great Chefs team filmed him for Discovery Channel’s Great Chefs of the World.  In 2013, Chef David Kinch of the Los Gatos, California restaurant Manresa, cites Passard as “the chef who has most inspired me”. The New York Times critic Pete Wells said in 2014 “I would skip expresso for two months until I had enough money to try Alain Passard’s vegetable tasting menu at L’Arpege again”.


Parmesan and Truffle Fondant

Serving: 2 Print Parmesan and Truffle Fondant By Great Chefs October 12, 2015 This lovely breakfast or luncheon dish is a perfect example of a few basic ingredients, raised to the sublime by extraordinary technique. Very soft eggs are separated from truffle fondant by a translucent layer of fine cheese; when the dish arrives at […]

Soft-boiled Egg with Chives and Sherry Vinegar

Serving: 8 Print Soft-boiled Egg with Chives and Sherry Vinegar By Great Chefs October 11, 2015 Chef Passard calls this a hot-cold egg because of the contrast between the warm, poached egg yolk and the cold, tart crème fraîche. Chef Passard can work magic with the simplest of ingredients, and this is a wonderful example. […]

Swamp Duck

Serving: 2 Print Swamp Duck By Great Chefs October 10, 2015 Deeply colored and shiny with an unusual combination of honey, miso paste, and coffee, the duck appears almost lacquered. The Asian influence continues into the garnish, where apples are combined with peanuts and onions are spiked with a combination of lemon, ginger, and mint. […]

Vegetables with Couscous

Serving: 4 Print Vegetables with Couscous By Great Chefs September 16, 2015 World-renowned Chef Alain Passard has turned his laser-like attention to vegetables, and this vegetarian dish is a wonderful example of his careful art. The vegetables are cooked in butter under a cap of parchment paper. The parchment preserves the colors, aromas, and flavors […]

Restaurant Information

Address: 84 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, France
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