Chef Biography

Alfred Kaiser was born in Austria in 1951, and after schooling, from 1970 and 1971, he apprenticed in Graz, Bad Gleichenberg and the Hotel Brau in Lofer.  In 1972 he did his two years of Military Service, and then joined the SS Rotterdam Cruise ship for a year.  In 1974 he began climbing the culinary ladder starting at the Restaurant Ewige Lampe in Munich, to saucier at the Hotel Post in Berchtesgaden, then the Hotel Imperial in Vienna.  In 1985 he became the chef de cuisine at the D' Rachkuchl, also in Vienna.

In 1990 he joined Zum Schwarzen Kameel as executive chef, and in 1998, the television crew of Great Chefs showed up to tape him for their Great Chefs of Austria series for ORF TV and for the Discovery Channel's Great Chefs of the World.


Ham with Horseradish

Print Ham with Horseradish By Great Chefs April 20, 2016 Ingredients Ham – 12-15 kilo Horseradish Garnish Lettuce Salt and Pepper – to taste Herb Vingar – to taste Canola Oil Instructions Ham is boiled. The ham for this dish weighs from 12 to 15 kilo, boiled 1 hour per kilo. The ham comes from […]

Apple-Ricotta Dumplings

Serving: 8 Print Apple-Ricotta Dumplings By Great Chefs October 19, 2015 Rolled in finely chopped hazelnuts , these apple-ricotta dumplings are sur to please dessert-lovers who delight in a unique combination of flavors . Ingredients Dumplings Unsalted Butter – 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon, room temp. Eggs – 2, beaten Semolina – 1/2 cup Sweet […]

Oxtail Stew with Semolina Dumplings and Vegetables

Serving: 4 Print Oxtail Stew with Semolina Dumplings and Vegetables By Great Chefs October 16, 2015 Hot and hearty, these oxtails are cooked in wine and beef stock enriched with chopped aromatic vegetables, mustard, and tomato. They are served with dumplings and fresh asparagus tips. A simple and homey — but delicious — dish. Ask […]

Restaurant Information

Address: Bognergasse 5, 1010 Wien, Austria
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