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Like many chefs, Bobby Roth was raised in the family restaurant.  In 1971, his father Robert, founded the Steak Knife in the Lakeview section of New Orleans, run by the father and partner, local restaurateur Ernie Masson.

Bobby started in the kitchen and front of the house in 1972 and graduated from the CIA in 1980.  His younger brother, Guy, started in the kitchen in 1973, graduated from the UNO’s Roland Behan’s Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism School, and then went on to the CIA, graduating in 1985.

In 1986, Bobby and Guy Roth bought out partner, Ernie Masson, and in 1988 their father, Robert Roth, passed away.  Chef Bobby Roth runs the kitchen, and his brother Guy runs the front of the house.  In 1991, they moved across the street into the old French Market Homestead Bank branch.

In May of 1992, Great Chefs television showed up to tape Chef Bob Roth preparing an Osso Buco entrée, a Soft Shell Crawfish w/Mustard Sauce, and  Chocolate Mousse Cake with Strawberry Sauce, which appeared in the Great Chefs, the Louisiana New Garde series that aired over the Discovery Channel.

The Roth’s Steak Knife will be celebrating their 43rd anniversary in December of 2014.  Great Chefs congratulates the Roth Family!


Chocolate Mousse Cake with Strawberry Sauce ▶

Serving: 8 Print Chocolate Mousse Cake with Strawberry Sauce ▶ By Great Chefs July 23, 2014 Rich chocolate mousse, flavored with liqueurs, is wrapped in sponge cake. The chilled cake is served with strawberry sauce and whipped cream flavored with Grand Marnier. The easy-to-put-together chocolate mousse cake may be made a day in advance and […]

Osso Buco ▶

Serving: 4 Print Osso Buco ▶ By Great Chefs July 23, 2014 Osso buco, braised veal shanks, is an Italian dish traditionally served with risotto. This is a fine dish to make a day ahead and reheat before serving. Ingredients Bacon – 4 slices, chopped Onions – 1 pound, cut into large dice Carrots – […]

Soft-shell Crawfish with Creole Mustard Sauce ▶

Serving: 4 Print Soft-shell Crawfish with Creole Mustard Sauce ▶ By Great Chefs July 23, 2014 Soft-shell crawfish are now available in specialty fish markets. Like soft-shell crabs, they are a seasonal delicacy. In order to grow, the crustacean must shed its hard outer shell. The crustaceans are caught before the soft new shell underneath […]

Restaurant Information

Phone : 504-488-8981
Address : 888 Harrison Ave, New Orleans, LA 70124

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