Chef Biography

Daniel Landry graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette back in 1977 with a degree in accounting.  He became a chef through the back door by working for a food and spirits company from 1980-1983 and ended up owning Vincent’s Restaurant in Houma, Louisiana in 1985, by default. He took over cooking responsibilities two years later, added a second restaurant, Isadora’s, in New Orleans and sold them in 1989, joining Owen Brennan’s in Memphis in 1989 as executive chef.  In 1992, he returned to New Orleans as executive chef of the Bombay Club.

The kitchen was so small at that time in the Bombay Club, that when the Great Chefs team showed up to tape one of Chef Landry’s dishes, he had to prepare it at J. Lillian’s Restaurant kitchen where he was a part owner. The television taping was for the Great Chefs, Louisiana New Garde television series, episode #17.

Chef Landry retired, and the Bombay Club was purchased by Michael Valentino and is operated by the Creole Cuisine Restaurant Group today, in 2016.


Pit Grilled Cornish Hens with Voodoo Barbecue Sauce

Serving: 8 Print Pit Grilled Cornish Hens with Voodoo Barbecue Sauce By Great Chefs November 10, 2015 When a Louisiana chef dubs a barbecue sauce “voodoo,” watch out! Multiply this recipe to be sure you have enough grilled Cornish hens on hand, because when this dish is featured at a cookout, folks come back for […]

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