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Chef Gale O’Malley has been awarded many honors throughout his professional career, the latest being earlier this April, 2014, when he received the National Culinary Educator’s Joseph Amendola Award from the American Culinary Federation.  He is the first chef in Hawaii to be awarded this. He was the first American born pastry chef to receive the Medal of the French Government, Grand Prize for Pastry (1981), considered to be the highest and most prestigious award given to a chef in the United States.  Other distinctions include two Gold Medals at the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt Germany in 1980, and many more over the years.

Gale O’Malley presided over the pastry kitchens at the rambling Hilton Hawaii Village from 1985 to 1999, half a world away from his hometown roots in a small town in southern New Hampshire.  Great Chefs was shooting their 80 episode series Great Chefs-Great Cities when they interrupted his routine at the Hawaii Village, and at that time he was considering leaving Hawaii.

Chef O’Malley prepared four dishes for the camera, a Nobleman’s Dessert Box for the Great Chefs-Great Cities series; Kona Coffee and Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Mousse Torte for the Great Chefs of the World series; and two more dishes for the Great Chefs of the Hawaii series, a Sweet Dim Sum Box Dessert and the Unforgettable Tarte.

In 2000, the Greenbriar Hotel & Resort in the mountains of West Virginia pulled off a coup, adding Gale O’Malley’s expertise to its kitchens.  In 2002, he moved up the east coast to the Hilton Short Hills in New Jersey for a year, before returning to Hawaii.

Chef O’Malley’s real dedication was to Hawaii’s young chefs, and he was active in the 80s & 90s as an apprenticeship instructor. He participated in the Hawaii Student Culinary Show, and was part of the work study for Special Education program run by the State of Hawaii Department of Education.

He now is the Pastry Instructor for the Kapiolani Community College in Honolulu, Hawaii.


The Unforgettable Torte

Yield: 4 Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Serving: 4 Print The Unforgettable Torte By Great Chefs August 3, 2015 This beautiful torte of chocolate cake, hazelnut meringue, and flavored fillings is unforgettable, both for its taste and its presentation. You also won’t quickly forget just how complex and difficult it is to […]

Sweet Dim Sum Box

Serving: 4 Print Sweet Dim Sum Box By Great Chefs April 17, 2014 This elaborate South Seas dessert sampler was created for President and Mrs. George Bush during one of their visits to Hawaii, where it was spectacularly presented in a bamboo steamer over dry ice. Note that there is a recipe for green tea […]

Kona Coffee and Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Mousse Torte

Yield: One 9-inch torte Serving: 8 Print Kona Coffee and Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Mousse Torte By Great Chefs April 17, 2014 This masterpiece is an exotic version of a layer cake: chocolate layers, a meringue layer, two flavors of mousse, and marzipan, garnished with Hawaiian poho berries. Standing the cake wedges up vertically makes a […]

The Nobleman’s Dessert Box

Serving: 4 Print The Nobleman’s Dessert Box By Great Chefs April 17, 2014 Gale O’Malley’s desserts are never simple, but the stunning presentations are worth the effort. For his Dessert Box he nestles a shiny Chinese Hat and sorbets in a lacquer box, then provides a lid of decorated chocolate. The mounds of chestnut pastry […]

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Address : 4303 Diamond Head Rd, Honolulu, HI 96816

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