Chef Biography

Gerard Thabuis was born in 1947 in Annecy, France near the Swiss border, and was a member of the French ski team at age 14, but also began cooking at that age.  In 1963, he had a very bad accident on the slopes which ended his skiing career, and he signed on as an apprentice at Le Père Bis in Talloire, France, a Michelin three-star restaurant. In 1965, he served a stint in the French military, followed immediately by a position as executive chef at La Table du Roy in Paris. While there, the entire kitchen staff, including Chef Gerard, were hired by Aristotle Onassis, a regular customer, and flown for one month to cook at Mr. Onassis’ new hotel on a small Greek island.

Another customer of the restaurant was President Charles de Gaulle, who coaxed Chef to move into the Elysée Palace and be his personal chef.  It was there that he met his wife, Linda, an American from Houston, Texas.  After de Gaulle left office, Chef Thabuis fulfilled his long time desire to go to the United States. His luck in America came with the marriage to Linda, and an appointment as executive chef of Brennan’s Restaurant in Houston in 1971.  Four years later he took the position of executive chef of Brennan’s of New Orleans and in 1977, he received a call from Warner Le Roy to be the chef at his new restaurant in New York City, Tavern on the Green.

In 1979, Chef Thabuis returned to New Orleans to work as the executive chef of Broussard’s in the French Quarter until 1982, when he opened his own restaurant, La Savoie, in the suburb of Metairie, Louisiana. It was there that the Great Chefs television team showed up to tape him for their third series, Great Chefs of New Orleans II.

He closed La Savoie in 1984, moving further south to become chef/manager of a plantation near the Mississippi River.  Shortly thereafter, he moved on to Reno, Nevada to consult for the casino’s food and beverage industry.


Marinated Salmon, Danish-style

Serving: 8 Print Marinated Salmon, Danish-style By Great Chefs November 16, 2015 This salad is two weeks in the making. The salmon is cured with beer, then sliced and served over greens. Homemade asparagus mayonnaise adds the perfect spring touch. Ingredients Salmon Salmon – one, 5-pound, filleted Saltpeter – 2 ounces Sugar – 1 cup […]

Cold Cantaloupe Soup

Serving: 4 Print Cold Cantaloupe Soup By Great Chefs November 16, 2015 Colorful and delicious, this soup is a perfect start to a summer supper. Citrus juice is used to add spark to the melon. Ingredients Cantaloupe – 1, chilled Lemon Juice – 2 ounces, chilled Orange Juice – 1 cup, chilled Lime Juice – […]

Marquis au Chocolat

Serving: 8 Print Marquis au Chocolat By Great Chefs November 16, 2015 Pairing chocolate and orange, Gerard Thabuis creates a beautiful molded and chilled dessert, chocolate cream filling in a chocolate cake frame. Coffee is liberally used in the preparation, giving the cake a distinctive “mocha” taste. Ingredients Chocolate Sponge Cake Whole Eggs – 10 […]

Stuffed Flounder

Serving: 4 Print Stuffed Flounder By Great Chefs November 16, 2015 Stuffed flounder is a popular Gulf Coast treat. Chef Thabuis uses crab meat and crawfish tails in his stuffing, adding a Louisiana touch. Ingredients Flounders – 4 small, about 12 to 16 ounces each Celery – 4 tablespoons, chopped Parsley – 4 tablespoons, chopped […]

Oysters La Savoie

Serving: 4 Print Oysters La Savoie By Great Chefs November 16, 2015 Crisp puff pastry and silky creamed oysters make a wonderful combination. The oysters are seasoned with saffron and a hint of curry, giving the dish an exotic taste. Ingredients Puff Pastry – 1 sheet, about 10 inches by 15 inches Unsalted Butter – […]

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