Chef Biography

Chef Heinz Hanner was raised as a “Restaurant Child” in his parents’ hotel, The Marienhof, just outside of Vienna.  After he graduated from the College of Tourism in St Plten, he worked in various Viennese restaurants, before returning home to work in the Kronprinz Restaurant, within the family hotel, as Executive Chef.  In 1990, Chef Hanner took over his family’s hotel, and renamed the restaurant “Hanner”.

In 1997, the Great Chefs television crew arrived on the scene to begin producing Great Chefs of Austria for the Austrian Network ORF.  Chef Hanner was the first chef we were taping for the series.  He prepared a Spring Roll with Lamb Sweetbreads appetizer, a Squab entrée, and one of those famous Viennese desserts, Bitter Chocolate Truffles.  They were later reconfigured to appear in the Great Chefs of the World series, episodes 144, 165 and 136, for the Discovery Channel.

The series aired nationally in 1998 over ORF and in 1999, Chef Heinz and his “Hanner Restaurant” received its first Michelin star.  In 2007 he secured his second star, and later he received three toques and 17 points from Gault Millau, indicating the perfection of his restaurant and the creativity coming from his kitchen.

Just recently Chef Hanner was given the title of “Chef of the Year” for the country of Austria.


Zucchini Cream with Crayfish and White Truffle

Serving: 4 Print Zucchini Cream with Crayfish and White Truffle By Great Chefs October 18, 2015 A puree of zucchini anchors enormous crawfish which have been cooked with bay leaves, juniper berries, and peppercorns. Chef Hanner gets his huge crawfish from Turkey. Smaller domestic crawfish may be used (double the quantity per person); large prawns […]

Spring Roll with Lamb Sweetbreads and Three Pepper Sauces

Serving: 4 Print Spring Roll with Lamb Sweetbreads and Three Pepper Sauces By Great Chefs May 12, 2014 An unusual mixture of European and Asian flavors and techniques: poached sweetbreads and bacon-seasoned spinach are wrapped in spring roll wrappers and deep-fried until crisp. They are served on lamb jus and three sauces made of green, […]

Squab with Lentils and White Onion Fondue

Serving: 4 Print Squab with Lentils and White Onion Fondue By Great Chefs May 12, 2014 Lentils cooked with cinnamon and cardamom and onion fondue (puree) form a bed for browned squab. Orange zest is added to the pan juices and warmed to make a tangy little sauce to pour over the squab. Fried potato […]

Bitter Chocolate Truffles

Yield: 18 – 21 truffles Serving: 6 Print Bitter Chocolate Truffles By Great Chefs May 12, 2014 Almonds and bread crumbs form a crisp golden shell around truffle balls. Chef Hanner serves them with Vanilla Ice Cream. Vanilla sugar is sugar in which a vanilla bean has been stored; you may substitute by using unflavored […]

Restaurant Information

Phone : +43 2258 2378

Address : Mayerling 1, 2534 Mayerling, Austria

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