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Born in Briancon, in the French Alps, Jean-Luc’s father was a talented chef.  When he was 15, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He worked in small resort hotels in the south of France, signed on as a 3-year apprentice in Marseilles, then got a classical job with legendary Chef Alexandre Chabert, who turned a youthful experience into a career commitment.

Six months later, Jean-Luc headed to the Georges V Hotel in Paris, where he remained for 5 years. From there, he headed to the Southampton Princess in Bermuda, the Omni International in Atlanta, and at age 26, Fairmont Hotels brought him to New Orleans as Executive Chef and eventually promoting him to Director of Food & Beverage.  Later, Fairmont transferred him to the same position in Dallas.

He then went on to Los Angeles as executive assistant to the Chairman of Filmland Corporate Center, headquarters for MGM/UA Studios.

What lured him back to New Orleans, was the position of Food and Beverage Director for the Windsor Court five-star hotel.  But what kept him in town with his wife Marlene, his son Jean-Henri and daughter Lilli Margaux, was the chance to become an owner and not just an employee, buying the highly rated patisserie, Maurice’s French Pastries, in a suburb of New Orleans.

He quickly grew the operation, creating a coffee shop inside the bakery, and expanded to provide pastries for many of the restaurants and shops in New Orleans.  Katrina took everything away in 2005, but Jean-Luc rebuilt and reopened.  Now he not only excels at producing the best pastries he knows how to make, he also has the satisfaction of being master of his own destiny.

And for him, that is a sweet treat.

Being in New Orleans and close to the Great Chefs headquarters, we are able to call on Jean-Luc often when we need a dessert to finish out a series.  Jean-Luc has prepared four dishes for the Great Chefs – Great Cities series and he prepared the Fresh Fruit Tart for the Great Chefs of Americaseries.


Strawberry-Grand Marnier Tiramisu

Serving: Makes eight 2-by-4-inch desserts Print Strawberry-Grand Marnier Tiramisu By Great Chefs October 1, 2015 This is a beautiful variation on tiramisu, the “pick me up” that is usually loaded with caffeine. In this version, the chocolate cake layers are filled with mascarpone cream and strawberry slices, laced together with Grand Marnier. Whipped cream covers […]

Tarte aux Poires Alexandre Chabert (Pear and Almond Tart)

Serving: Makes one 12-inch tart Print Tarte aux Poires Alexandre Chabert (Pear and Almond Tart) By Great Chefs October 1, 2015 Served warm or cool, this beautiful pear tart with raisins and almonds is a classic. Chef Albin names it after one of the first chefs he studied with, in the Rhone Valley of France, […]

Three-Milk Cake

Serving: Makes one 9-by-9-inch cake Print Three-Milk Cake By Great Chefs September 30, 2015 This pretty, tender cake iced with whipped cream and garnished with candied fruit is soaked in a brandy-laced three-milk sauce. The cake comes right to the table still marinating in the sauce; select a pretty platter or serving plate or even […]

Alsatian Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Yield: One 10-inch bundt or other cake Serving: 8-10 Print Alsatian Sour Cream Coffee Cake By Great Chefs April 25, 2014 The recipe for this traditional sour cream coffee cake, made with blueberries and almonds, can be varied by chocolate chips, raisins, dried fruit, or cranberries and grated orange zest. Ingredients Unsalted Butter – 3/4 […]


Serving: 6-8 Print Clafouti By Great Chefs April 25, 2014 Clafouti is a traditional cherry-filled tart made with a rich pudding and fresh cherries. The cherries themselves are pitted but remain whole in the tart; the custard is poured over and around them and then baked. It is a wonderful way to enjoy cherries. Note […]

Chocolate Grand Marnier Cake

Yield: 1 Cake Serving: 12 Print Chocolate Grand Marnier Cake By Great Chefs April 25, 2014 Frothy with chocolate shavings, coated with dense ganache, flavored with strawberry and Grand Marnier, this is a cake to be reckoned with. The chef even tops it with chocolate-dipped enormous strawberries. Each step is relatively simple: two chocolate cake […]

Fresh Fruit Tart

Yield: 1 Tart Print Fresh Fruit Tart By Great Chefs April 25, 2014 A pretty way to serve fresh fruit, this tart is a sugar crust filled with vanilla custard and paved with sliced fruit. This particular tart uses strawberries and kiwis, but any colorful combination of seasonal fruit may be used. Chef Albin notes […]


Serving: 12 Print Croquembouche By Great Chefs April 25, 2014 Croquembouche is a tower of cream puffs. This classic and impressive dessert which is actually much simpler than it looks, Break the puffs off one at a time to serve. The puffs can be made ahead of time and frozen until use. Ingredients Pate a […]

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Phone : 504-885-1526

Address : 3501 Hessmer Ave, Metairie, LA 70002

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