Chef Biography

Jens Peter Kolbeck was born in June, 1947.  His mother forbade Jens Peter and his two brothers from entering the kitchen in fear of pre-meal munching.  That did not stop him from becoming enticed by the mystery that lingered just behind those closed doors.

His quest for culinary knowledge began by working in a bakery as a young boy.  His older brother, Borge, began an apprenticeship at the Hotel Dagmar in Ribe, Denmark and compelled by his brother’s success, he began an apprenticeship at the Dagmar as well.  Later he went on the D’Angleterre in Copenhagen, which opened up endless doors to such places as Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg and the Hotel Savoy in London, learning and creating a greater path for his culinary journey.  The journey took him to the USA where he worked at the Danish Embassy in Washington. DC, and the Waldorf Hotel in New York City.

In 1970-74, he then returned to Europe working at three star restaurants like L’Auberge, Mougins, Troisgros, Bocuse and La Pyramide.  While at L’Auberge he met the Danish royal family, and for the next seven years he served Queen Margrethe and the Danish royal family as the Gastronomic Principal Officer and responsible for all the royal kitchens.

In 1988 he and his brother Borge, opened Christie’s Restaurant in Sonder Hostrup Kro in Denmark.  The name was taken from a combination of their children’s names, Christophe and Stephanie.  The restaurant became wildly popular and was named in 1993 as the Restaurant of the Year, and again in 2000.

In 1998, Great Chefs arrived at Christie’s from Barcelona, and taped Chef Jens Peter Kolbeck preparing a Queen’s Mango & Rhubarb Souffle with Sorbet, for their Great Chefs of the World television series.  In 1999, the group IAT bought into Christie’s although Chef Jens Peter remained as the managing principal partner.

He also works with Jesper Schack, who is the CEO of TeleBilling, in Denmark.  In 2012 he celebrated 50 years in the profession and his Danish colleagues awarded him the 2012 “Chefs of Chefs” prize.  Congratulations to Great Chef Jens Peter Kolbeck!


Queen’s Mango Soufflés with Rhubarb Sorbet ▶

Serving: 4 Print Queen’s Mango Soufflés with Rhubarb Sorbet ▶ By Great Chefs June 26, 2014 These elegant soufflés hold a colorful secret: a soft center of rhubarb sorbet. The mango-rhubarb combination is tasty and unusual. Note that the sorbet could appear on a menu by itself. Ingredients Softened Butter – 2 to 3 tablespoons […]

Restaurant Information

Phone : +45 74 61 34 46
Address : Sønder Hostrup Østergade 21, 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark

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