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John Caluda was born and raised in a suburb of New Orleans, and at age 10 made his first chocolate éclairs. He attended the University of New Orleans Culinary Institute, then the CIA in New York, graduating in 1983.

He did his apprentice as chief steward-baker for 300 rig workers in the Gulf of Mexico, then began his culinary career as a pastry cook at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in New Orleans under Great Chef Gerard Marais. In 1984 he and a friend opened the World’s Fair Beignet Café, and once it closed, worked the Westin Iberville Hotel and Flagon’s Wine Bar. In 1987 he became the Executive Pastry Chef under Great Chef Andrea Apuzzo for the next two years. In 1989, he opened Sweet Basil’s in New Orleans and a second location in Panama City, Florida.

In 1991, he returned to New Orleans to raise a family and to open Coffee Cottage in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie. In 1992, Great Chefs Television showed up to tape seven of Chef Caluda’s dishes for their Great Chefs, the Louisiana New Garde series, and their Great Chefs-Great Cities series.

In 1996, Chef John opened a second Coffee Cottage retail outlet in another New Orleans suburb, Harahan. In 2004, the lease had run out on the original Coffee Cottage, and it was torn down for a bank, and in 2006, after Hurricane Katrina, he sold his interest in the second Coffee Cottage,  to concentrate on his Cottage Catering.  Recently he purchased Dianne’s King Cake, changing the name to Caluda’s King Cake, in Harahan, Louisiana, where he features Crawfish King Cakes.

Chef Caluda is also a 5th degree Black Belt and National Champion for over 10 years.

He was Captain of several American teams representing the United States.


Rosemary Scones with Fresh Berries and Grand Marnier Cream ►

Serving: 8-10 Print Rosemary Scones with Fresh Berries and Grand Marnier Cream ► By Great Chefs December 2, 2014 This glorified shortcake is made with raisin scones, fragrant with fresh rosemary and filled with fresh berries. It is topped with Grand Marnier-flavored whipped cream. Blackberries are suggested below; use the best of your favorite fresh […]

Apple Strudel ►

Yield: 1 Strudel Serving: 8-10 Print Apple Strudel ► By Great Chefs December 2, 2014 Chef John Caluda has added some special touches to his apple strudel, such as the brown butter used to brush the pastry, giving it extra flavor and a head start on browning. If you don’t have time to make your […]

Fresh Fruit Strip ►

Yield: 6 Pieces Serving: 6 Print Fresh Fruit Strip ► By Great Chefs December 2, 2014 Chef John Caluda has a pastry chef’s love of embellishment, but don’t be daunted by his recipe. Although it has a number of elements — a puff pastry shell, pastry cream, a layer of sliced fruits, an apricot glaze, […]

Tiramisu ►

Yield: 1 Cake Serving: 6-8 Print Tiramisu ► By Great Chefs December 2, 2014 Tiramisu (“pick me up”) is so named because of the caffeine in the espresso and cocoa in this popular Italian dessert. This version is rolled up and coated with Mascarpone cream, then tucked under a chocolate shell. The chocolate shell and […]

Frozen Souffles under a Chocolate Dome ►

Yield: 1 Souffle Serving: 8 Print Frozen Souffles under a Chocolate Dome ► By Great Chefs December 2, 2014 In this spectacular presentation, scoops of frozen souffles in three different flavors with three different sauces are hidden under chocolate domes that have been dusted with real gold. For a simpler dessert, forego the domes and […]

Key Lime Pie ►

Yield: 1 Pie Serving: 8-10 Print Key Lime Pie ► By Great Chefs December 2, 2014 Authentic Key lime pie is made with the juice of the mellow Key lime, which is now available in bottles. You have your choice — graham cracker crust, or chocolate cookie crust. Ingredients Crust Unsalted Butter – 4 tablespoons, […]

Chocolate Pizza ►

Yield: 2 Pizzas Serving: 8-10 Print Chocolate Pizza ► By Great Chefs December 2, 2014 Here’s a dessert that is delicious and witty, John Caluda’s version of pizza has a chocolate crust and fruit toppings. The crust portion may be made a day ahead, because it must be cold and firm when used. Ingredients Crust […]

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Phone : 504-343-5706
Address :1536 River Oaks Dr. West Suite A Harahan, LA 70123

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