Chef Biography

Kevin Cullen grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis and began his training at 916 VO-Tech in Anoka, Minnesota.  After working at several restaurants in Minnesota, he moved to Houston, Texas in 1983 to become executive sous chef at the Carlyle Restaurant.  In 1986, he was named sous chef at Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, working under Great Chef Stephan Pyles.

A year later, Chef Pyles asked Cullen to move back to Minnesota to open Goodfellows Restaurant with him and Taste of the NFL co-founder, Wayne Kostroski.

At the time of filming Great Chefs – Great Cities in early 1995, Chef Kevin Cullen was the executive chef of Goodfellows Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. Goodfellows closed in 2005 and Chef Cullen moved to Arizona to open Fontini’s Bar & Grill which recently also closed.


Crispy Walleye with Ginger-pickled Cucumber Ribbons and Smoked Garlic Cream

Serving: 6 Print Crispy Walleye with Ginger-pickled Cucumber Ribbons and Smoked Garlic Cream By Great Chefs November 4, 2015 Kevin Cullin piles layer upon layer of flavor on a simple crusted walleye fillet. Pickled cucumber ribbons and onions support the fish, which is crusted with buttermilk and coarse bread crumbs. The plates are drizzled with […]

Venison with Barbecued Plums

Serving: 6 Print Venison with Barbecued Plums By Great Chefs October 2, 2015 Seared venison T-bone steaks rest against a cole slaw that includes spiced cashews and wild rice, all accompanied by roasted Black Beauty plums. Fruit pairs well with game, and these barbecued plums pair perfectly with venison. Asian seasonings and ingredients, like ginger, […]

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