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Born and raised in Cheshire, England, Kevin Graham graduated from Hollings College in Manchester, England before apprenticing under German chef Klaus Rhulickhe.  He then apprenticed at The Savoy in London under Great Chefs Jean Banchet and Daniel Bonnot; then to the Picadilly in Manchester, England and finally to the Negresco in Nice, France, before moving on to New Orleans.  

In New Orleans, Chef Graham became the executive chef for the private City Club, and then the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel.  Omni transferred him to their Sagamore Resort in Saratoga Springs, New York before he accepted the offer to return to New Orleans as the executive chef of the Windsor Court Hotel in 1992.  It was there that Great Chefs was able to tape him preparing Dover Sole Medusa, Clancy’s Quail, and a Chocolate Mousse dessert for their Great Chefs, the Louisiana New Garde television series


Lacquered Duck with Watercress and Hot Ginger Dressing

Serving: 2 to 4 Print Lacquered Duck with Watercress and Hot Ginger Dressing By Great Chefs November 19, 2015 Ingredients Duck – 1, 4 to 5 pounds Kosher salt – 2 cups Honey – 1 pint (2 cups) Ginger Root – 1 ounce, unpeeled, finely chopped Rice Wine Vinegar – 1/4 cup Peanut Oil – […]

Clancy’s Quail

Serving: 2 Print Clancy’s Quail By Great Chefs November 11, 2015 Okay, so you want to impress someone? Start here. Quail are slow-smoked, then half of the meat is mixed into a mousse with foie gras, and the other half is sliced into thin strips. Reassembled over mounds of the mousse, the quail meat appears […]

Sole Medusa

Serving: 4 Print Sole Medusa By Great Chefs November 10, 2015 When the sole — skinned, beheaded, boned, and filleted up to the tail — are cooked, they curl up, somewhat like Medusa’s locks. The dish is a study in brilliant simplicity. Ingredients Dover Sole – 4, (or flounder), about 1 pound each, cleaned and […]

Chocolate Mousse with a Harlequin Cookie Mask

Serving: 12 Print Chocolate Mousse with a Harlequin Cookie Mask By Great Chefs November 9, 2015 Take yourself to Mardi Gras with Chef Graham’s Harlequin Cookie Mask. This is a spectacular dessert. You may, of course, prefer to serve his superb chocolate mousse out of costume — simply presented in an elegant glass container such […]

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