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Mark Hetzel attended the CIA in 1980 under the watchful eye of Chef Albert Kumin, and after graduation in 1981, he went to Paris to apprentice at Lenôtre.  He later returned to the United States as pastry chef at the Four Seasons Inn on the Park in Houston, Texas.  Rockefeller’s Rock Resorts then hired Chef Hetzel to set up their pastry program at their two new resorts on the island of Lanai, Hawaii.

In June 1991, the Four Seasons Resort on Maui appointed him as executive pastry chef.  In September 1995, the Great Chefs television crew showed up to tape Chef Mark in his kitchen at the Four Seasons, for the Discovery Channel’s Great Chefs of Hawaii television series (Mark is featured in episodes 3, 23 & 29).

In December of 2010, after almost 20 years, Chef Hetzel decided to leave Hawaii and pursue development of gluten-free products with the Star Kay White Company and their Moon Rabbit brand, located outside of Asheville, North Carolina, in Barnardsville. Today, six years later, he is still developing products from cassava flour.


Deep-dish Banana-Coconut Cream Pie

Serving: 6 to 8 Print Deep-dish Banana-Coconut Cream Pie By Great Chefs October 6, 2015 Mounded high in a sugar crust, resting on a thick layer of chocolate and nougat, caramel mousse and coconut cream support arches of chocolate-glazed bananas that are hidden by whipped cream until the pie is cut. Plan ahead: the dough […]

Lilikoi Truffle

Serving: 8 Print Lilikoi Truffle By Great Chefs September 24, 2015 There are two kinds of lilikoi (passion fruit), a light yellow variety and the more intensely colored Tangier variety. In this dessert the light variety is used for the custard and the ganache, and the Tangier variety is used for the garnish. You may, […]

Hawaiian Sweet Potato Cakes with Pineapple Ice Cream and Coconut Creme Fraiche

Serving: 4 Print Hawaiian Sweet Potato Cakes with Pineapple Ice Cream and Coconut Creme Fraiche By Great Chefs September 23, 2015 Hawaii knows how to make the most of sweet potatoes, combining two different colors for these sauteed cakes. Pineapple and coconut add more tropical tastes. Start the ice cream at least three days ahead. […]

Kona Coffee-Chocolate Cheesecake

Serving: 8 Print Kona Coffee-Chocolate Cheesecake By Great Chefs September 21, 2015 A rich mocha flavoring from Hawaii-grown chocolate and coffee is blended with macadamia nuts and bananas in this dessert. The finished cheesecake resembles an individual torte, surrounded by a sea of caramel sauce. Other fruits and sauces can be used for variation. Ingredients […]

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