Chef Biography

Corey Waite graduated in illustration and design from the Vespar George School of Art in Boston. After culinary school, he worked his way up the kitchen ladder at the Sheraton-Washington Hotel and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington, D.C. and won the silver medal in 1985 at the D.C. Culinary Salon for the Grand Buffet Competition. Chef Waite then worked his way up the ladder from the Scottsdale Princess Hotel in Arizona to the Embassy Suite Hotel in Maui in 1987.

Chef Corey then joined the Prince Hotels of Hawaii, first as executive sous chef at the Maui Prince Hotel, and then in 1991 he became the executive chef at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and in 1994, was appointed executive chef of the new Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, which is part of the Mauna Kea Resort, maintaining responsibilities for both.  In November of 1994, the Great Chefs television crew showed up to tape Chef Waite for their Great Chefs of Hawaii television series for the Discovery Channel.

In 2010, Chef Corey Waite joined Great Chef Mark Ellman’s Mala Wailea, followed by a stint as executive chef for Tommy Bahama’s, and finally executive chef of Great Chef Peter Merriman’s Monkey Pod in 2013.


Tempura of Keahole Baby Lobster

Serving: 4 Print Tempura of Keahole Baby Lobster By Great Chefs September 24, 2015 Maki sushi and tempura, both popular island dishes, are combined to make a crunchy, rich, yet tart appetizer. Japanese tobiko, caviar that has been flavored with pungent wasabi, is used to flavor the sauce. The baby keahole lobsters are soft-shelled and […]

Opah Baked in Pistachio Crust with Ginger Essence

Serving: 4 Print Opah Baked in Pistachio Crust with Ginger Essence By Great Chefs September 23, 2015 Ginger and lotus root, both associated with Asian cooking, are used with this dish. Opah, or moonfish, is sealed in a crunchy pistachio crust and served on a bed of chopped vegetables. The crust is delicate and must […]

Crispy Sea Scallops Wrapped in Shredded Phyllo

Serving: 4 Print Crispy Sea Scallops Wrapped in Shredded Phyllo By Great Chefs September 21, 2015 Shredded phyllo — kataifi — resembles a grass skirt and gives these little packets of scallops a Hawaiian look. The rich lobster sauce would be wonderful with any broiled seafood. Ingredients Lobster Sauce Oil – 1/4 cup Lobster or […]

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Address: 62-100 Kauna’Oa Dr, Kohala Coast, HI 96743
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