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Martin Bardelli was born in 1970 in Buenos Aires, and after his schooling he attended college at Ateneo de Estudios Terciarios to study Gastronomica and Japanese cuisine under executive chef Yuang Yun. After graduating in 1987, he attended the College Administration de Empresas, also in Buenos Aires.

In the early 1990s, he staged with Great Chef Dolli Irigoyen at Dolli’s Restaurant in Buenos Aires and with Great Chef Francis Malmann at Guess Restaurant and Bar in Punta del Este, Uruguay.  In 1992-1993, he was pastry cook at Baez, and snack bar chef at Casa Foa, both in Buenos Aires.  In 1994, he returned to Guess for another year as assistant chef under Chefs Malmann and Ignacio. In 1995 he became chef at El Molino in Buenos Aires before moving across town to the Japanese restaurant, Morizono. In 1997, he returned to El Molino Sushi Bar as executive chef.  In 1998, he flew to Barcelona, Spain to work one year at Aire Restaurant as executive chef.

Later that year, he returned to Buenos Aires to open his own restaurant, The Indochine, a fusion restaurant, near the Polo Grounds, with Great Chef Pablo Castro Massey.  In December of 1999, the Great Chefs team showed up to tape Chef Bardelli for the Discovery Channel’s new television series, Great Chefs of the World.

Today, Chef Bardelli is still executive chef and consults for Indochine, as well as his other restaurant, Dark Spot Café, in Buenos Aires.


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