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Olivier Horion is a French gourmet who has lived in Uruguay for the past 31 years. In 1985 he was the chef de cuisine for Le Letuce in Punta del Este, moving to Las Lenas in Argentina two years later.  In 1989 he returned to Uruguay to cook at the Montevideo Golf Club.

In 1990, he opened Restaurant Olivier at the Plaza de la Matriz in Montevideo, where in 1998, the Great Chefs television crew showed up to tape him preparing a pheasant in phyllo appetizer, and a chocolate biscuit stuffed with raspberry mousse.

In 2009, he opened a new bistro in Montevideo called Olivier’s Bistro, which included a cooking workshop called “Chefs Atelier”, located in the Pocitos neighborhood.


Tournedos Sturgeon

Serving: 2 Print Tournedos Sturgeon By Great Chefs October 8, 2015 Slices of sturgeon are turned into a sandwich with a piquant mixture of horseradish, chives, and butter between them. A strip of bacon wraps each sandwich, adding its own smoky taste. Seared and cooked with leeks, onions, and tomatoes, the sturgeon are topped with […]

Pheasant in Phyllo

Serving: 4 Print Pheasant in Phyllo By Great Chefs October 7, 2015 Golden phyllo packets hold an earthy mixture of pheasant and mushrooms. The creamy sauce is ingeniously poured into the finished packets with a funnel made of folded foil. A salad of diced vegetables and a cluster of oak leaf lettuce are the simple […]

Chocolate Biscuit Stuffed with Raspberry Mousse

Serving: 4 Print Chocolate Biscuit Stuffed with Raspberry Mousse By Great Chefs October 7, 2015 These lovely fruit-filled chocolate desserts hide two cake layers — one almond, one chocolate — plus raspberry mousse inside chocolate bands. They are served with apricot sauce and a sprinkle of confectioner’s sugar. Ingredients Biscuit Jaconde Confectioner’s Sugar – 1-1/4 […]

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