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Patrick Mould was born in Paris and bred in Crowley, Louisiana. After attending culinary classes at Lafayette Vocational Tech, and continuing educational classes from the American Culinary Federation during the day, and working in restaurants at night, he became a certified chef.  His first chef job was at Cafe Vermilion where he stayed 5 years until he was offered a position as executive chef at Charlie G’s by owner Charlie Goodson.

In 1991, Goodson was expanding his Charlie G’s chain to the New Orleans area, but Mould wanted to stay in Cajun Country, so the two of them opened Hub City Diner.  Great Chefs taped Chef Mould there for the first Great Chefs Discovery Channel series, the Louisiana New Garde.

Chef Mould went on to become corporate chef and spokesperson for many organizations and off shore oil facilities, including Doerle’s Foodservice and Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning. Chef Mould then became executive chef at the City Club at River Ranch in Lafayette, Louisiana, which he left in 2011. Back in 1999, Chef Mould had become chef-owner of his Louisiana Culinary Enterprises, and in 2003, Cajun and Creole Culinary Adventures, both of which he still runs today.


Acadian Bread Pudding

Serving: 6 Print Acadian Bread Pudding By Great Chefs November 10, 2015 Chef Patrick Mould gives his bread pudding a pedigree. The Acadians were French immigrants who, driven from Canada by the British, settled in Louisiana. Their descendants are today’s Cajuns. This very traditional bread pudding comes with lagniappe: Roasted Pecan-Rum Sauce, meltingly delicious when […]

Catfish Louisiana

Serving: 4 Print Catfish Louisiana By Great Chefs November 10, 2015 Chef Patrick Mould’s recipe is the very spirit of Louisiana’s cookery. To perfectly fried catfish fillets he adds the lagniappe of a shrimp sauce, good enough to stand on its own spooned over white rice. Many regional recipes begin with “make a roux,” and […]

Louisiana Corn and Crab Bisque

Serving: 4 Print Louisiana Corn and Crab Bisque By Great Chefs November 10, 2015 There are soups and there are supersoups, such as this corn and crab bisque, rich, unctuous, and unforgettable. Concentrated shrimp stock may be found in the freezer section of well-stocked fish markets. Bottled clam juice may also be substituted, but reduce […]

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Phone : (337) 739-9404
Address :520 Cedar Crest Court, Lafayette , Louisiana 70501

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