Chef Biography

Philippe Chapon was born in 1968 near Saint-Malo, and was always interested in baking.  As a child, he tried his hand in baking, first tarts and flat cakes.  By age 12, the whole village was ordering Philippe’s cakes.  He went to the Catering School of Dinard, graduating with a BEP and CAP cooking degree in 1985, and in the same year was hailed as “Dessert Junior French Champion”.  Later that year, he applied as cook assistant at Fauchon, where he apprenticed until 1986.  

After finishing his Army service in the Non-Commissioned Officers Mess, he was recruited in 1990, at age 21, to work for Guy Savoy as pastry cook in Paris.  During that time, as he worked his way up the ladder, the executive chef was Gordon Ramsey, and Great Chef Laurent Soliveres was sous chef.

In May of 2000, the Great Chefs television team showed up at Guy Savoy’s rue Troyon in Paris to tape Chef Chapon for the Discovery Channel’s Great Chefs of the World (episode # 255).

In 2002 he left Guy Savoy, and now owns and operates his own restaurant in Montpellier, France called Tamarillo’s.


Red Fruit Crumble

Serving: 8 Print Red Fruit Crumble By Great Chefs October 14, 2015 Sauteed red fruit — the mixture may vary with the seasons — is topped with an almond crumble and rich vanilla ice cream quenelles. Practice your saute tossing technique; this recipe makes good use of it. Use your imagination in selecting pretty glasses […]

Restaurant Information

Address: 2 Place du Marché aux Fleurs, 34000 Montpellier, France
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