Chef Biography

Born in 1953, and brought up in Zeltweg, in the southern province of Styria, Reinhard Gerer served his apprenticeship as a chef in Vienna, before gaining practical experiences in Tyrol and Switzerland.

On his return to Vienna, he was recruited by Great Chef Werner Matt, and at age 21, Gerer was the youngest chef de partie in the Hilton Group.  He then went to the “Tantris” in Munich as Europe’s best known chef, Eckart Witzigmann, was handing the restaurant over to Great Chef Heinz Winkler.  These two chefs became Gerer’s teachers.  In 1984, he became the Executive Chef of “KORSO, bei der Oper” restaurant in the Hotel Bristol in Vienna.

It was there that in October 1997, Great Chefs Television caught up with him to tape three dishes, a Salmon-Lobster Sandwich appetizer; a Pike entrée and a Rice Tart & Orange Sauce dessert, for their Great Chefs of the World series, and their Great Chefs of Austria series for ORF TV.

In 2003, Chef Gerer left Korso to become a part owner of an indoor German variety show called PALAZZO.  Reinhard Gerer’s Palazzo is bringing audiences back impressively with his new show “The Return of Graf Voronin”.  Guests are not only treated to a special four course menu created by Chef Gerer, but also to the fascinating performances of Ukranian illusionist Yevgeniy Voronin and a formidable troupe of international artists.

Reinhard Gerer’s Palazzo is located in Spiegelpalast, a luxurious circus tent filled with exquisitely decorated tables, lots of candles and 2,500 mirrors near to the Prater Park in Vienna.


Rice Tarts on Orange Sauce

Serving: 6 Print Rice Tarts on Orange Sauce By Great Chefs June 24, 2014 Beautiful and silky rice tarts flavored with vanilla, orange zest, and cinnamon are centered on a creamy orange sauce and garnished with orange wedges. Ground pistachios and a whiff of cinnamon are dusted on top of the tarts just before presentation. […]

Pike on Potato-Marjoram Sauce with Sauteed Mushrooms

Serving: 4 Print Pike on Potato-Marjoram Sauce with Sauteed Mushrooms By Great Chefs June 24, 2014 Marjoram and the clever use of potatoes as a sauce distinguish this Austrian dish. The seasoned mushrooms are an interesting side dish as well. The centerpiece, fresh pike, is simply presented, pan-sauteed in butter with a crunchy coating of […]

Salmon-Lobster Sandwich

Serving: 2 Print Salmon-Lobster Sandwich By Great Chefs June 24, 2014 Chef Reinhard Gerer creates a luxurious appetizer: lobster tartare inside two slices of marinated salmon. This dish works well for company, as the ingredients can be prepared ahead of time and assembled just before serving. Ingredients Lobster – 1, cooked Caraway seeds – 1 […]

Restaurant Information

Phone : +43 800 017766

Address : Trabrennstraße 2 1020 Wien Austria

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