Chef Biography

Robert Linxe is considered by many to be the Greatest Chocolatier in the world.  As far as Great Chefs Television is concerned, if he isn’t the greatest, he is right up there as one of the best in the world.  His first store opened in Paris in 1977.

Linxe’s chocolates are considered to be perfect.  Each one is handmade in the company’s small French Factory with a staff of 5 per shop.   His are French confections, made following strict procedures with ample room for creativity.  His chocolates are never sold more than 10 days after delivery, and are recommended for consumption no more than two weeks after purchase; sooner is better.  They are flown into the U.S. weekly from Paris.

Great Chefs’ relationship with Chocolatier Linxe began in 1993 when we approached him in Paris about assisting us for a Great Chefs Chocolate special for PBS. The relationship continued into 1994 when Mr. Linxe flew to New York City and back, over a 24 hour period, on the Concord, just to accomodate the Great Chefs crew to tape him preparing six different ganache.


Chocolate Ganache

Yield: 40 Pieces Serving: 40 Print Chocolate Ganache By Great Chefs May 20, 2014 Robert Linxe has given four variations of his world-famous chocolate ganache. Each ganache may be eaten as a candy on its own, or coated to make a chocolate candy (described at end). M. Linxe says that the chocolate coating of a […]

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