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Shane Gorringe was raised in Surrey, England and apprenticed at Sweet Vienna Pâtisserie, a renowned Austrian pastry shop south of London.  Thereafter, he was assistant pastry chef at luxury hotels in Warickshire, England; Munich, Germany; Amsterdam, Holland; Caracas, Venezuela, and Doha, Quatar in the Middle East.

Chef Gorringe joined the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans in November 1989 as Executive Pastry Chef, and Great Chefs Television caught up with him four years later in November, 1993 while shooting their Great Chefs, the Louisiana New Garde series for The Discovery Channel. For that series, he prepared the “Helter Skelter Parfait” and “Twists of Sorbet”.

Two years later he left the Windsor Court to open his own bakery across the lake from New Orleans in Covington, Louisiana, and named it after his young daughter, Zoe.  It also allowed him to have free rein to develop his talents.

Great Chefs called on Chef Gorringe often as we were always short of desserts for the various series including Great Chefs of the South, where he prepared a Coffee Cup with Sabayon and a Strawberry-Apple-Cheese Strudel.  For our Great Chefs of America series, he prepared Chocolate Demerara, Mariposa – Butterfly, M 7 Swan Lake, All That Jazz, and Chocolate Mint Napoleon.


German Country Plum Tart

Serving: Makes 24 tart slices Print German Country Plum Tart By Great Chefs October 5, 2015 Beautiful ripe plums form a sweet glazed topping for an unusual tart pastry. Sweet pastry dough is folded into yeast kuchen dough the way that butter is folded into puff pastry, giving a distinctive taste and texture to the […]

Twists of Sorbet

Serving: 8 Print Twists of Sorbet By Great Chefs July 1, 2014 Despite its beautiful and creative presentation, this recipe is a simple mango sorbet served with a tuile cookie and blackberry sauce. The sorbet is molded to slip into the tuiles, which are shaped into spirals. If you prefer, scoop into serving dishes, drizzle […]

Helter Skelter Parfait

Serving: 6 Print Helter Skelter Parfait By Great Chefs July 1, 2014 The three flavors and colors of this layered sorbet parfait make a beautiful dessert. If making chocolate ornaments isn’t your cup of tea, melt only 3 ounces of chocolate for the parfait mixture, and substitute chocolate curls or shaved chocolate for the lattices […]

Coffee Cup with Sabayon ▶

Serving: 8 Print Coffee Cup with Sabayon ▶ By Great Chefs July 1, 2014 This is a spectacular dessert to serve for a very special occasion. But if time is a consideration, substituting your favorite brand of coffee or espresso ice cream for the mousse is an equally delicious option! Ingredients Bailey Sabayon Egg Yolks […]

Strawberry-Apple Cheese Strudel ▶

Serving: 2 Print Strawberry-Apple Cheese Strudel ▶ By Great Chefs July 1, 2014 This luscious dessert is not without effort, but the results are well worth it. Be advised, however, when you begin making the strudel dough, you must be prepared to complete the recipe, as once the dough is stretched it will quickly dry […]

Chocolate Mint Napoleon ▶

Serving: 8-10 Print Chocolate Mint Napoleon ▶ By Great Chefs July 1, 2014 Chocoholic alert! This is chocolate-peppermint candy, layered with rich chocolate mousse laced with chocolate liqueur. The candy alone would make a wonderful holiday gift, broken into smaller pieces and wrapped in a pretty box. The chocolate-peppermint combination is delicious. The chef warns, […]

All That Jazz ▶

Serving: 8 Print All That Jazz ▶ By Great Chefs July 1, 2014 An exercise in chocolate decoration: These spectacular cakes are turned into miniature keyboards with jazz musicians made of chocolate decorating the plate and cakes. But the cake is delicious without the elaborate decorations — sponge cake layered with coffee buttercream, ganache, espresso, […]

Swan Lake ▶

Serving: 4 Print Swan Lake ▶ By Great Chefs July 1, 2014 Shane Gorringe creates white chocolate swans filled with white chocolate mousse. Unlike most such confections, these swans are created without molds; you draw the wings, bodies, and heads by piping with chocolate, let them cool, then assemble the pieces. Three suggestions: work in […]

Mariposa “Butterfly” ▶

Serving: 4 Print Mariposa “Butterfly” ▶ By Great Chefs July 1, 2014 This isn’t just a dessert, it is a spectacular event. Fresh fruit purees, chocolate and featherweight mousse create a beautiful dessert butterfly. The body is formed from passion fruit mousse, fresh kiwi, and strawberries. Ah, but the wings — Chef Shane Gorringe demonstrates […]

Chocolate Demerara ▶

Serving: 8 Print Chocolate Demerara ▶ By Great Chefs July 1, 2014 Individual chocolate-rum towers include rich chocolate cake soaked with rum, rum-banana filling, and a mound of whipped cream wrapped in a thin sheet of chocolate. The technique of wrapping desserts in chocolate depends on creating a very thin layer of chocolate, and lifting […]

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