Chef Biography

Stacie Pierce knew she wanted to be a chef since she was 14 years old.  At age 15, she pleaded to get a job at a French restaurant, which they did, but as a dishwasher and she had to work for free for two months to show she really wanted it. Two months later, she was given a prep job with pay.  She changed her high school classes around to be at the restaurant by 1:00pm.

By 17, she was one of the youngest to be accepted into the CIA.  After graduation, she pounded the pavement in New York City and got her first job at the Four Seasons. Over the next 15 years she was a pastry chef in New York City at Union Square Café, Monkey Bar, and Gotham Bar and Grill.

She was working as a pastry chef for Great Chef Wayne Nish at New York’s March Restaurant in December of 2000,  when Great Chefs showed up to tape her for Discovery Channel’s Great Chefs of America television series.

At one point she and her husband lived in both Brooklyn and Sag Harbor, where she was the pastry chef at the New Paradise Café.  Neither lasted too long, with a divorce and closure of the café.  Later she bought Food & Company, a large catering outfit where she was the executive pastry chef, but she sold it because there was no personal relationship between her and her clients.  In 2015, she opened Beautiful Food, a private chef service for Manhattan and the Hamptons.


Frozen Lemon Parfait with Vanilla Pearl Tapioca

Serving: 15 Print Frozen Lemon Parfait with Vanilla Pearl Tapioca By Great Chefs September 30, 2015 Icy lemon parfaits rolled in crunchy crumbs are used as cups to hold soft vanilla tapioca. This dish is made using a flexipan mold. While it could be made using cupcake pans or ring molds on a baking sheet, […]

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