Chef Biography

Suzana Davila was born in Guaymas, Sonora, in northern Mexico, where her father Luis Davila owned and operated the first drive-in restaurant. He advised his daughter not to get involved in the restaurant business, too much work and long hours.

In the 1980’s, she found herself in Tucson as a model (think Calvin Klein) and an interior designer, with an inexorable sense of style. In 1986, and still having that itch for a restaurant, she bought a little 20 seat lunchroom cafe, so she could do what she loved, cook ! It didn’t take long to fill the place for breakfast & lunch daily. Three years later, a space opened up around the corner, on the site of the old Santa Rita Hotel. She moved her Cafe Poca Cosa to the new location, and brought her father Senor Luis Davilia, one of America’s gastronomy treasures, out of retirement to run Little Cafe Poca Cosa along with her daughter, Shanali. Today, 26 years later, Chef Suzana has one of the top rated Mexican/Southwest restaurants in Arizona and the Great Chefs team still talks about her unusual margaritas that no one has matched!


Chicken-stuffed Pepper with Mole Verde

Serving: 4 Print Chicken-stuffed Pepper with Mole Verde By Great Chefs October 5, 2015 These stuffed peppers are filled with chunks of chicken and a mixture that includes onions, scallions, olives, and raisins. They are served with mole verde and a mixture of spinach and cilantro greens. Ingredients Mole Verde Vegetable oil – for frying […]

Chicken Adobo

Serving: 4 Print Chicken Adobo By Great Chefs September 29, 2015 This rustic, hearty, and rich Southwestern dish contains a few ingredients layered over and over in different ways to create complex flavors. Garlic and onions appear in each step of the dish, roasted or raw. The chicken breasts are first used to flavor a […]

Chicken in Mole Verde

Serving: 4 Print Chicken in Mole Verde By Great Chefs September 15, 2015 Chef Suzana Davila’s Mole Verde is thickened with tortilla bits, seeds, and nuts. Chilies, tomatillos, cilantro,and lettuce give it bright green color. Chef Davila serves shredded chicken on a bed of spinach and cilantro, then covers it with mole verde. Ingredients Mole […]

Restaurant Information

Address: 110 E Pennington St, Tucson, AZ 85701
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