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Thierry Lefeuvre was born in Brittany in 1953.  His mother was an artist, and the Sunday family dinners were a culinary highlight.  “Something different each week would fascinate your palate,” said Chef Thierry.

After school, he studied cooking three years at Ecole Hôtelière in Tours, France, then did his one year in the service.  He then apprenticed at the Grand Hotel du Parc in Switzerland, as well as at several restaurants in St Tropez, France.  He then went on to serve as the chef for the Governor of Tahiti for two years.  Following that period, he moved to Montreal to go back to school and learn more about business, and he worked two years as executive chef at the Hotel Sapinière, in Canada.

In 1978, at the age of 25, Chef Lefeuvre moved to Chicago to become the opening chef for Christian and Agnes Zeiger’s, Alouette French Restaurant in Highwood, Illinois.  Zeiger also opened Froggy’s, a French bistro, and in 1980 Chef Thierry Lefeuvre moved over to Froggy’s, and with Gregg Mason, took over its management.

It was in 1984 that Great Chefs Television showed up to tape Chef Lefeuvre for their PBS television series Great Chefs of Chicago.  Chef Thierry prepared two appetizers, a Belgian Endive Salad with Sweet Onion Confit & Seafood and Herb Sausage.  He also prepared two entrées, Breast of Duck with Green Peppercorn Sauce, and Lobster in Vanilla Sauce. His sole dessert, Lemon Mousse in a Pastry Shell, finished the episode (#110).

Today, 34 years later, and with new partners Bill and Sheri Cartwright, Chef Thierry Lefeuvre, continues to reinvent and change, which is why he continues to be successful.  He has expanded by opening Froggy’s Catering, and brought in another chef from Brittany, Thierry Mace, to assist in both the catering and at a bakery, The Gourmet Frog, which opened in 1987.


Breast of Duck with Green Peppercorn Sauce ►

Serving: 4 Print Breast of Duck with Green Peppercorn Sauce ► By Great Chefs August 18, 2014 Sauteed duck breasts are served medium-rare with a complex sauce which includes duck fat and stock, red wine, and green peppercorns. Mushroom ragout is used as a garnish. Ingredients Duck and Duck Stauce Ducks – 2, 5 to […]

Lemon Mousse in a Pastry Shell ►

Serving: 12 Print Lemon Mousse in a Pastry Shell ► By Great Chefs August 18, 2014 Almond tuile pastry shells cradle fresh lemon mousse accented with glazed kiwi. The deep-colored currant coulis is the perfect foil for these desserts. Ingredients Lemon Mousse Fresh Lemon Juice – 3/4 cup Lemon Zest – 2 lemons, chopped Sugar […]

Seafood and Herb Sausage ►

Yield: Eight 5-inch sausages Serving: 8 Print Seafood and Herb Sausage ► By Great Chefs August 18, 2014 While sausage is an unusual preparation in most kitchens today, this simple (and simply delicious) seafood sausage is relatively easy to make. The seed mustard sauce is a tangy accompaniment; it would also work well with boiled […]

Belgian Endive Salad with Sweet Onion Confit ►

Serving: 4 Print Belgian Endive Salad with Sweet Onion Confit ► By Great Chefs August 18, 2014 A simple salad, this one is dressed with a tart raspberry-tarragon dressing and a touch of onion confit. Ingredients Onion Confit Canola Oil – 2 tablespoons Sweet Red Onion – 1, thinly sliced and separated Salt and freshly […]

Lobster in Vanilla Sauce ►

Serving: 4 Print Lobster in Vanilla Sauce ► By Great Chefs August 18, 2014 This elegant preparation is relatively easy. The lobster is cooked in a court bouillon which has simmered for an hour, then served with a creamy vanilla sauce full of small bay scallops. The seaweed used to add fresh sea flavor to […]

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