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Born in 1951, Wayne Nish studied journalism and architecture, and had a successful career in the printing industry. But at age 32, he decided to start a new career in food and attended the New York Restaurant School, then worked with Barry Wine at the Quilted Giraffe in New York City.

In 1987 he left to become a private chef for a wealthy New York socialite, which gave him artistic freedom.  In 1988 he became the executive chef at La Colombe d’Or for two years before joining forces with Joseph Scalice to open MARCH.  MARCH won many awards, and in December 2000, Great Chefs taped him for their Great Chefs of America television series.

He closed MARCH in 2007 and tried several more casual restaurants in different New York neighborhoods before moving to Spitzer’s Corner, then to the Marina @ Keppel Bay in Singapore. More recently he was to open The Pavillion in Union Square in New York City for Simon Oren, but that did not happen.

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Sashimi with Olive Oil and Soy Sauce

Serving: 4 Print Sashimi with Olive Oil and Soy Sauce By Great Chefs October 1, 2015 This deceptively simple dish — a short recipe, simple presentation — needs a chef bent on perfection. For this dish, no amount of technique can substitute for perfect ingredients. Chef Wayne Nish feels that the blending of olive oil […]

Carpaccio of Lobster with Three Roes

Serving: 8 Print Carpaccio of Lobster with Three Roes By Great Chefs September 29, 2015 While virtually unknown in the U.S., eating fresh lobster in its raw state is a common delicacy in Japan. Chef Wayne Nish utilizes the careful Japanese handling of the live, fresh lobster and pounds it lightly to tenderize the flesh, […]

Shirred Eggs with White Truffles and Fingerling Potatoes

Serving: 1 Print Shirred Eggs with White Truffles and Fingerling Potatoes By Great Chefs September 16, 2015 “What grows together goes together,” to quote Patricia Wells, and the combinations of eggs with truffles and potatoes are legendary in the culinary traditions of the European regions where they are found. Chef Wayne Nish combined white truffles […]

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