chef-name: Ada Concaro

Ada Concaro moved to Buenos Aires from Patagonia and she and her sister, Ebe, began to sell cakes. They two soon found themselves running their first restaurant, in 1971. Eba later moved to Washington DC to start a restaurant, but moved back in 1983 to open Tomo 1 with Ada. By the mid 90’s it became the stellar restaurant in the Panamericano Hotel.

Great Chefs filmed Ada in 1998 for its Great Chefs of the World series. She passed on Dec 14, 2010, however her youngest son, Federico Fialayre, continues the legacy of his mother and aunt with flying colors. Meat is like a religion in Argentina, and Tomo 1’s cuisine offers no exception to that. Chef Patron Federico Fialayre and his team execute a great job and no one will have to leave Restaurant Tomo 1 disappointed!