chef-name: Christian Petz

Originally from upper Austria, Chef Petz learned his profession in his parent’s business. He went on to work at several hotels including the Kingshof in Munich, Germany, before moving to Vienna to work under Chef Jurg Muller and Great Chef Werner Matt (GC World # 127 &141). He then was offered the position of Executive Chef at the Hotel im Palais Schwarzenberg on a beautiful 18 acre garden in the heart of downtown Vienna in 1995.

In 1997, the Great Chefs Television team filmed him there for several dishes for two series, Great Chefs of Austria and Great Chefs of the World.

In 2002 Christian Petz was named Chef of the year, and has now opened his own restaurant Holy Moly, aboard the ship Badeschiff that cruises on the Danube River out of Vienna.