chef-name: Massimo Ferrari

Massimo Ferrari was born in 1950 in Goito and is the fifth generation chef of the Al Bersagliere (At the Bridge). In fact Giuseppe Ferrari ran two mills and a tavern on the Mincio River in the early 1900’s. The restaurant is located next to the bridge, where the historic nineteenth century battle for independence took place in 1848. Massimo attended school in Villa Alba in Gardone Riviera, and then trained at the Savoy Hotel; the Grand Hotel Gardone and the Grand Hotel Fasano. In 1968, he returned to Goito and with his cousin Roberto, and built the restaurant up to two Michelin Stars in 1995.

Chef Massimo traced the historic roots of foods he loved so much, noting that ancient foods contained more spices (to better preserve them) so he translated those recipes for today’s diners, keeping the intense flavors. Massimo has proven himself more than just a researcher, he has added his own creative approach to bring fresh interpretations of these classic dishes from the chef at the Papal court, to the culinary art of Bologna.

In June of 2000, the Great Chefs television crew taped Chef Max preparing two appetizers, a Chicken Breast Salad and Pancetta-wrapped Oysters; a Guinea Fowl entrée and a Coffee Mousse dessert.

In 2006, the family closed the restaurant and Chef Massimo became the Executive Chef of the International Cooking School ALMA Colorno (Parma). In 2006-07 he opened Moscow’s Ferrari in Moscow, Russia, and then consulted for several years in Japan, England and Turkey.
In September 2011, he returned to Goito, where together with his son Matthew, who represents the sixth generation of the Ferrari family, and his wife Mary, has reopened the restaurant as an Inn, with the sign of the inn “At the Bridge”, with a philosophy that harks back to a time of old inns, where you ate what they brought from the kitchen that day. The menu follows the seasons and changes every month including a wide choice of homemade desserts and matched with wines from the cellars of the moraine hills.