chef-name: Whilhelm Schnattl

Born in 1956, Wilhelm Schnattl apprenticed at the Gastholf “Zum Kreuz” in Graz, followed by two years in Germany, one at the “Kuenstlerhaus” in Munich and the other at the Hotel “Schweizehof” in Berlin. In the late 70s he worked in Switzerland in Davos at the Grand Hotel Belvedere, Zurich, Luzern and Geneva at the Lion d’ Or, which he says was his greatest challenge.

In 1981 he had a offer to come to the United States for a Swiss restaurant in Miami, Florida, “Wintense” (Golden Spoon) for one year, before returning to Austria where he became the executive chef at the “Karwendelhof” in Seefeld, Tyrol. In 1987, Wilhelm opened his own restaurant in Vienna “Schnattl”.

Great Chefs arrived at Restaurant Schnattl in 1998 to tape the chef preparing three Austrian dishes, Beer Beef Tea with Hops Spears for an appetizer, Roulade of Wild Boar as an entrée, and a dessert of Baked Rhubarb Kisses.